Business Savings Account Aldermore


I tried to open a business saving account with Aldermore. They said they were unable to accept payments from Tide because the way they’re structured is that payments come via Prepay Technologies and with a different sort code and account number to my Tide sort code and account number and that they can only accept payments from the account I have linked to the Aldermore account - which is the Tide account.

Any similar experience and remedy?


Hi @nergelag, thank you for posting!

As noted by Aldermore, Tide’s banking services are provided by PrePay Solutions and outbound payments can show as coming from our ringfenced safeguarding account to the recipient. Unfortunately we cannot resolve this issue from our side, as it is the vendors who determine whether they can accept Tide payments or not.

At the moment we don’t have a work around for this. Sorry that we couldn’t help in this instance.

Thank you,