"business account in minutes"


Business account in minutes according to the site, while technically that may be true, my application has now been pending for 18720 minutes (and counting) and I’m struggling to get confirmation of when I can expect completion of the process. Not great to have this uncertainly when setting up a business.

Has anyone else experienced such delays? The ltd company is just me (IT consultant) and I have no previous companies and excellent credit record. Can’t see why it should take this long.


Really sorry to hear that @mikeroyle,

We run checks on all applications and usually finish them within minutes, most of our members are able to open their account immediately. In certain cases though, our On-boarding team need a little more information, you can read more about the process here: tide.co/blog/what-is-kyc.

In order to get applications processed efficiently and keep overall wait times down, on-boarding responses may be a little slower than the usual response times from our Member Support team, but rest assured you’re never forgotten!

The team sent you a message earlier today to get your application completed, if you have any questions at all do just let them know :slight_smile: