Broken functionality on desktop


Hi there,

My accountant is struggling to reconcile my Tide account due to two separate broken pieces of functionality on the desktop.

Firstly, the “account reader” function denies him access, saying I’ve revoked it. But I’ve not! His email address is on the list when I log in to reader site myself. There’s no function to delete his login to re-add it, and I can’t add him again, as it says his email already exists.

(separately the login requires me to enter my email twice before it offers me a login code, so every login ends up sending me two SMSes).

Secondly, when I log onto the web site myself to try to export my transactions as CSV, the “Filter” function doesn’t allow me to select any date range that isn’t the last month. I can open the panel on the right and select different dates. When I make changes to the dates, the main panel reloads but never shows any transactions that aren’t from the last month. When I hit the Export button, it only exports transactions in the last month. So something seems broken about the date selection (at least), and I’m unable to get the transactions out into a spreadsheet.

The PDF statement export does work but it’s a bit of a 20th century way of reconciling a bank account :sob:

Will the account reader login & CSV export get fixed? (or will Quickbooks integration get released, which is what I’m trying to work around?)

Thanks - Matthew