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Thanks Obi.

Are you telling me that Tide has no advice whatsoever other than too wait?

Surely that can’t be the case?

Thanks again.

Hi Obi,

When you say anxious, do you mean excited as you’re going to be able to help the majority of people on your waiting list?

Can you give us a time window - even if you said 1 month from now -this would at least be solid information no?

Thanks again for your responses!

I’d like to be as clear as I possibly can. Though we are working across the board toward the end of being to support as many of our members as possible, we don’t have a specific solution to announce just yet.

In terms of a timeline, I do not anticipate that you’ll have to wait long, but I don’t want to give you a date or even a broader timeline that we’re not able to stick to.


Thanks Obi.

With you saying that you do not anticipate that we will have to wait long I feel better.

Keep going Tideans.

With Tide’s help we can get through this.

When I asked earlier where I am in the list I was told I wasn’t on the list. This was obviously the first time I’d asked as I had been waiting for the tracker, but that seems to be a pipe dream. I’ve sent back an attachment of the email and am hoping I’ll hear back with how they plan on resolving this, I really don’t want to be added to the back of the queue, I am still awaiting a response. Has anyone else had anything similar?

Hi there @Jon22

The team would be referencing this with the email that we have available and associated with your account - if you’ve registered your interest with a different one, please make sure to clear up which one that is with the team.


Breaking news!..
For now Tide cannot provide BBL to his customers in difficulties.

Where’s the head of community??
Should be answering everyone’s concerns??

One day after stating he doesn’t anticipate we will wait much longer the CEO just announced BBL paused as no funding secured!! And that they did tell us from the start that not everyone will be able to get loam and advised is to explore other options with other lenders basically saying they didn’t promise anything and they advised us to seek the loan elsewhere if it was urgent!

Hi there, everyone.

I speak for everybody at Tide in that we all hoped for yesterday’s update to be very different. It’s been an extremely difficult time for many of our members, and there is an urgency to every request now.

We’ve always tried to stress, any optimistic expectations in regard to funding aside, that we cannot guarantee our ability to lend to everybody on our waiting list. For now, while we continue conversations with HM Treasury to push for the Government’s involvement in supporting lenders with funding, we hope our members will be able to secure the support of other lenders.



On 13th June a tide representative informed me I would be accessing the bounce back loan within 14 days.

I was very impressed with this as I was 27,000 on the list and had not pushed to be seen any earlier than customers who had registered earlier than me.

Based on this I asked for clarification that I was definitely able to access the loan and was informed that yes within 14 days my company would have access to the loan.

By 26th June I had not heard back from tide so sent messages asking when access would be made available as only one day left for access to be given which resulted in at least 4 copy and paste answers that completely ignored the question I was asking.

I then asked for this to be escalated to the complaints team which it was and was assured a response would be forthcoming within 3 days.

This did not occur.

In fact almost 12 days later and I am still waiting.

And now tide have paused the bbls scheme and I have based on the assurance of tide made financial commitments that can not be reversed.

And still despite my emails and messages I am still not getting any responses and if I do get a response I can not read it as the comments section in the app fails to load messages.

Regardless of the pausing of the bbls my complaint still stands and I am absolutely frustrated that no one is responding from the complaints team.

However I definitely am more furious that other people whose businesses were more in need of the loan than mine have been mislead.

And they were 100% mislead because at no point did private messages, emails or announcements state that it was possible or likely that funding would not be raised.

And because tide were still actively advertising for new business customers and encouraging them to join the wait list, the only reason any customer on your waitlist
would think they would not be able to access a bbl from you was if they were not eligible by the government set criteria.

Not because tide couldn’t raise the funding.

@Obi_at_Tide, please will you stop advising us to seek support from other lenders, that is patronising!.
Don’t you read update from other lenders. they only take care of their own!, don’t you get it!.
Will you leave your children to be feeding others?. common!, be reasonable!.

They are still in their delusional bubble of TIDE FANTASY LAND !!!
Getting absolutely destroyed on Trust pilot!!

Hi @Elder, I’m really sorry for any miscommunication in regards to your BBL status. I’ve reviewed all the internal correspondence and can only apologise that one of our agents has misinterpreted our messaging and relayed the wrong message about when you would be able to access a BBL from Tide. This has been escalated internally.

Just to clarify, we as a company never provided a firm timeline on when we would be able to offer BBLs to our members because we were in negotiations with prospective lenders, and therefore could not guarantee that we would be able to secure lending. We were hopeful up until yesterday that we would be able to secure additional funding and are devastated by the disappointing outcome.

Regarding our waitlist, the reason we kept our list open is because we wanted to support as many businesses as possible, and were hopeful we could secure the funding to do so. We sincerely hope that the government is able to amend the scheme to allow fintechs like us to continue lending.

Hi @ATS it is not our intention to patronise in any way, we just want to stress that, while we continue to campaign, we’re concerned that such changes won’t be in place in the very short term. We therefore do not recommend that our members rely solely on Tide to secure a loan.

@Ali-C_at_Tide, i will not agree with your response because Tide knows that it’s impossible for another financial organisation to provide BBL to new customer seeking for such whilst existing customer are still on waiting list for the same BBL.

You need to check for yourself to validate my point. it’s clearly stated on their website, BBL will only be provided to their existing customer, not a new business coming to join them for BBL.
Are they wrong in taking such approach, No!, will Tide abandon their existing customer for a new applicant?, of cause not. So why would you expect them to attend to us new customer.

In the first instance, It’s highly annoying to advice on such. It’s bad enough after waiting long, only to tell us that our chances of securing BBL is now zero. More insulting pushing us away to look for another lender to deal with our problem, it’s total betrayal. Anyway lesson learnt!.

I looked at moving my account to a highstreet bank today, but most of them have closed their books to new customers for the time being, so I’m pretty screwed now. I wish I’d just done it in the first place but I liked the idea of using a challenger bank having worked for most of the big banks in the past and knowing their customer service can sometimes be lacking. Well I’ll know in the future that its better the devil you know.

Hi there, thank you for getting back to us here.

We do know the difficulties that a lot of our members will face in this regard. We’re still maintaining communications with HM Treasury and advocating for the Government to take a more direct approach and change the scheme to allow us and other fintechs to properly assist our members.

These changes are not likely to happen overnight, but if and when they do, we’ll do what we can to keep you informed.


@Obi_at_Tide, thanks for the update.
I hope our business will not collapse before solution is made available, it will be worthless if it’s the case.
However, Am still hopeful, hence i keep fingers crossed

I am sorry but your shouldn’t be in negotiations with HM Treasury to enable Tide and other Fintechs to secure funds for you to lend out to customers for the BBL Scheme, that ship has sailed, you don’t have a leg to stand on there given the 2 months of complete BS fed to us about almost this and almost that only to be told sorry go elsewhere.
You should be negotiating with the BBB & HM Treasury for your existing customers to be guaranteed access to the BBL scheme from another accredited bank be it high street or not, after all this Tide should be campaigning for the thousands of customers that got the shaft, not campaigning for Tide to be given access to funds so they can make an easy 2.5% out of thin air when they have caused such distress to thousands who thought they were hanging on to a lifeline with all the hooo ha you guys fed us for 2 months of broken promises and delusional aspirations… After all this still Tide is trying to serve its own interests over that of its customers