Bounce Back Loans Update


The Only reason I opened TIDE account is high because of the business direct debit.

TRANSFERWISE has a direct debit now.
multiples currency…
partnered with ALIPAY.( good for buying aliexpress stock)
I can have multiple International bank account as well. each with busines debit card

  • works with apple. samsung google pay
  • and free withdrawal.
  • I can send/receive payment international.
  • IBAN

I do not see any reason Why I will put all my incoming transaction to tide in the future. just called worldpay, and barclays card to change my bank account to details to payin all my card transaction to MY transferwise uk bank account,

TIDE becomes toy compare to transferwise

  • There is no support
  • withdrawal is not free.
  • You cant even call the customer service.
  • not accepted in costco and other retailer( sometimes embarrasing)

not transaparent/clear about the BBL.

You have to deceide now people. Our business has no future with TIDE. As son as my credit score becomes ok… 2-3 months more.
then I will go to high street bank. they have facilities to grow my business

with TIDE…? PFFF.


This is from HSBC

“”We are processing applications in the order they are received and are re-training colleagues from other parts of our organisation in order to open more accounts faster. However, if your request to open an account relates to the Bounce Back Loan Scheme, we recommend you apply for the loan with your existing bank if possible because it will be much quicker. The British Business Bank, the Bounce Back Loan Scheme administrator, have accredited many more banks since the scheme launched on 4th May.”””



I received the same email as well… at least HSBC which is not my business bank- does not earn anything from my Business transaction has the decency to inform me. MEan while TIDE who earn a transaction fee from me, just keep copy pasting a response.


Guys have you seen TIDEs review in trustpilot?

mostly talks about BBL… and they said straight forward BBL appplication released in 1 day)LOL). most of the reviewer has only 1 review. I dont thinks those are real reviews… mostly recent reviews some are 4 minutes ago.

Guys we need to to review TIDE in trustpilot about our experience with tide


Hi all,

To clarify and as per my message above:

We did beta-launched Tide Bounce Back Loans with some of our long standing members. However, I can confirm that we are now working through our waiting list

Please bear with us, we are working to provide an automated solution for you to see your place on this list and also more clarity of timelines of when you can expect to gain access to a Bounce Back Loan with Tide.

Our entire team is dedicated to support SMEs and with many of us having close family and friend’s businesses impacted and some of us having their own business on the side - we completely understand the urgency for our members to get access to these loans.

As you can imagine, we are experiencing a high volume of support requests right now but I can assure you that our Member Support team works 24/7 to get back to our members as quickly as possible and that the rest of the team works around the clock, including weekends and bank holidays, to deliver the loans to as many of you as possible.

If you haven’t heard from us, please don’t worry and bear with us - as I explained above, we are working our way through the waiting list and we believe that over the upcoming days and weeks, we will be able to issue substantial volumes of Bounce Back Loans to our members.



HI valentine, I’m quite mistified at the whole thing really, i fit the criteria of a ltd company, and have been account holder for years, also i registered for bounce back loan at 8am on the 12th. So i just dont get why i have not had the loan yet. Its been over two weeks now, your customer services has been so shocking i had to down grade my plus account.

Can you look into this as i said i have fitted all your criteria and would have been one of the first to register.

Best regards



Valentine, many thanks for the update. However, I remain confused. There is a practicaly inexhausable pot of money to be lend under BBL (and other schemes) and all guaranteed by the Gov - so no risk to the Lender And all the Lender has to do is administer the programme. I understand that involves a one page form that the Company completes self-certifies and then the money is transferred. And KYC and AML checks already done as account is opened already. So what is so complicated and what is so hard about that? And you alkd bout days/weeks - but companies and their staff are desperate? And you mention “substantial volumes” - but what does that mean? Surely EVERY company, that banks with Tide and meets the BBB criteria, should be able to get a loan from Tide. Again, I do not understand what the underlying issue is. I am a huge Tide supporter and have had a great experience to date, but feeling really let down over BBL. Please can you clarify with real detail. Many thanks to you and Team for all the hard work I know you all are putting in


Have to agree, if the background checks are already complete and the loan is essentially one form, surely you should be able to process really large (and largely automated) volumes of these every day.

The surge of delighted TrustPilot reviews seems absolutely remarkable.


So today i have managed to go back in the queue by 10,000 places what the hell is that??? @Valentine_at_Tide you need to get on here and explain what on earth is going on??? How can i go back 10k spaces in one day??? This is beyond belief??


How did you find out what position you were?


Ask them and dont take no which is there first reponse…


I meant how did you ask? I have the standard membership so can ony use the in app chat, which they haven’t responded to yet (since yesterday.) Is there a nother way?


In the app just keep asking they will tell you


Hello Valentine no response to my first post. I registered at 8am on the first day and I’m a ltd company and have been with you years, you are telling everyone you are going through them in order, and had previously been doing ltd companies with big turnovers etc etc. I cant see how any of this is true as i would have had my loan ages ago.

This is not on and I’m looking at reporting you to the authorities as you are obviusly lying.


Hi Goody, i was in the same situation 2 days ago. i was first told my position on Tuesday and by Wednesday, another agent from tide replied to my message and my position has moved by 9k. I had to send tide an in-app message then called to get a confirmation.


And they confirmed that you had moved back 9k? What reason did they give for this?


@Goody, the move to 9k was human error on their side. so i maintained my original position


What day did you register. What position areyiu currently?


How do you find out where you are in the queue?


Just going over Tides initial correspondence in regards to loans. Quote by Oliver Prill.

“We’re reassured that the Government will make this support available next week. However, we’re concerned that many small businesses will run out of cash in a matter of days and so it is imperative that the money is available through a quick and simple application process.