Bounce Back Loans Update


They have removed the Tweet


Totally uncalled for.

So if the BBB decide to suspend Tide operating the BBLs whilst they investigate - we know who to blame.

Great work Einstein


According to to Tide’s FAQ’s, “
We’re taking a phased approach to offering Bounce Back Loans and have initially rolled out our first batch of Bounce Back Loans to limited companies.

My business is a limited company providing essential services to the NHS and have not received any BBL from Tide. Have still been waiting. If first batch of loan have already been given to limited companies, why am I still on the waiting list???


I’m in the same situation, we need the funds to provide Key Workers (Nurses and Carers) to health services dealing with Covid. I would imagine we should be first priority as it stands, no offence to everyone else.


Totally agree - and no offence at all.

I hope you and Rrrich get a notification soon.

Keep up the great work.



I got an email from Oviler Prill with an “update” but when it said “read more” it took me to Tide Login. I logged in and then …nothing came up. Can someone cut and paste or post teh email update here. I just get so concerned Tide seems to make things so complicated. Just send the email update and not like it to some kind of log in. Frustrating that there is (hopefully) an update out there - but I cannot see it. Thanks

Bbl on batches
Tide Bounce back loan

Hi all,

Thank you again for your continued support.

We understand how critical these loans are for our members and that you want to know when you’ll be able to access a Tide Bounce back Loan. Our CEO Oliver Prill has written a letter to all Tide members to update you on this.

I wanted to highlight a couple of points from the letter:

Since going live with Bounce Back Loans, we’ve been learning and improving how we deliver the scheme to make sure we scale effectively. As with all new features, we beta launched with a select number of limited companies who had been a member of Tide for a while, before making the loans available more widely.

We’re now working through our waiting list as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, we still can’t guarantee everyone who registers will be able to get a loan from us but we’re working hard to make the loans available to as many of you as possible, as well as providing more clarity on timelines. We believe that over the upcoming days and weeks we’ll be able to issue substantial volumes of Bounce Back Loans to our members.

You can find Oliver’s full letter here - I hope it will address all your questions.

Thank you again for your patience and on-going support.



This post is helpful, as is Oliver’s post. That said, while I appreciate the point that Tide cannot guarantee a loan to everyone that registers, surely they should be able to guaranttee a loan to all Tide account holders who meet the qualifications for a loan. Accoring to the BBL if a business qualifies, there is money available for a loan. Or am I missing something?


The allocated limit Tide got might be a problem.
If they got for instance £100m and people first on the list ask for £50k each then money will run out quickly (just 2000 applications) and no BBLs for the rest…


I do not understand the point about allocations? This is Goverment (BBB) funding and the banks are just mechanisms for distributing it. Why woudl some banks get more “allocations” than other? Why are there any allocations at all? Surely a bank distributes loans to those that qualify and just keeps drawing down funds from the BBB as needed. Otherwise businesses are prejudiced depending on who they bank with. Banks are just the “taps” of the Goverment “water tank”. Banks are there to do needed checks, undertake paperwork and collect repyments. I keep feeling I am missing something in what shoudl be a very simple operation


After reading Olivers letter, I’ve noticed for the first time a reference to sole traders with respect to BBL which I haven’t seen before and quoted below:

“We understand that there are concerns around sole traders accessing Bounce Back Loans. Recent legal changes mean that we’re now allowed to lend to sole traders and we’re working to make these loans available to our sole trader members as soon as possible.”

Could TIDE please confirm whether there is going to be any any disadvantage for sole trader accounholder gaining access to a bounce back loan as compared to a limited company account?

Also, could you please explain the legal changes which are referenced by the CEO that now allows loans to be made to sole traders?


I think that money comes from banks not from government. Government fully guarantees money if you don’t pay it back so banks won’t lose but money itself is not from government
If bank does not have enough of its own money it can get some from central bank at the rate of 0.35% (or something like that) and sell it to you for 2.5%.
First year of interest is paid by government so you pay 0% (but banks still pocket interest, just not from you).
So, if they get certain allocation it means that government guarantees loans only up to that specified amount.

From Parliament website:
The Chancellor announced the launch of a new “micro loan” scheme providing a “simple, quick, easy solution for those in need of smaller loans”, which he termed “bounce back loans”. These loans would cover 25 per cent of a business’ turnover, up to the £50,000, with the Government guaranteeing 100% of the loan and paying the interest for the first 12 months.


Guess it’s the same with any large amount of money in an account longer it sits the more interest they gain of it maybe


Sorry so are we supposed to just sit here waiting until Tide team it necessary to supply us with a loan after they have serviced the preferred clients and the VIP’s… the answer is NO NO… Tide are breaking the terms of the BB rules by selecting specific clients to have the loans.

I am guessing now that we will not have a loan in three weeks or four or five… Tide need to be 100% honest rather than a letter form the Ceo which at best is patronising, as with Dominic Cummings recently it appears there is one rule for the high ups at tide and preferred clients and another rule for the rest of us…


Please also note that if we give you access to Tide Bounce Back Loans, Are you for real ? So I can only apply for the loan if you grant me this? That’s absolutely ridiculous! I decide if I need to loan and that’s why the rules are given by the gov not Tide…you’re selecting who can have access amongst your clients absolutely appalling.


They just appplied to be accredited to offer bounce back loan to add value to TIDE… But they know they cannot deliver… They do not have the capcity.


Hi all,

To confirm we’re considering limited companies and sole traders for Bounce Back Loans and we’re not giving priority for BBL to members on any of our different membership plans (Plus or premium).

I also wanted to let you know that we are working to provide an automated solution for you to see your place on our waiting list as well as provide clearer timelines regarding when you can expect to gain access to a Bounce Back Loan with Tide.

If you need more information on the scheme, check out our FAQS or alternatively the British Business Bank FAQs for more information.



Soooooo, has anybody actually been successful with Tide and getting this bbl? I see a lot of comments saying Tide are working through the list but not a single customer has actually stated they have recieved one.


Providing us with some idea of the timeframe for the delivery of your “automated solution” would be very helpful. After waiting for accreditation then waiting for the BBL to go live, now waiting for the list to find out how long we have to wait for the BBL. Don’t think my mental health can take much more “waiting”.


If Tide can deliver this tool, it would be absolutely amazing. The main problem for Businesses at the moment is Lack of Clarity.