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hahaha… I gave them a chance… everybody did.
but the copy paste response is what causing the trouble and mess.

There could be very good reasons for the silence & lack of comms.

Let’s just show them support.

They’re trying to enter the banking world of bent financiers and greedy brokers - it’s not an easy place to operate.

Best thing we can do is either keep the faith or go elsewhere

Glad to see we have made a breakthrough in regards to understanding who tide are and what we should do next.

We must go out and convince others that it’s not Tide or Starling’s fault but it’s a problem with the system. Rishi needs to open investment from Private firms to lend out BBLS as wel as BOE helping the small banks access vital funds.
I have to be frank, I’v ignored calls from staff when I couldn’t meet weekly Payroll as a result of having no money. It was a disaster time for me, I guess that’s what it’s like for Tide, sleepless nights on the Sofa feeling constipated and searching “Businesses Bounce Back Loan” on Google 50times a day. Banging your head against the wall to check if you’re still alive or dead.

Let’s campaign on Twitter and create a group, Mark Dicker looks like a good leader.

Please shut up and go away you patronising person. You have no idea how the rest of us are coping nor do you know if we need the money fast or not so please do not comment

Wow. How very grown up of you.

I see you have a great deal to offer by the way of rational thinking.

Hope you get your loan sorted soon.

As far as the finance goes I’m pretty sure they have it sorted, I cannot see any other reason they would have a charge put against the company.

The charge is done to a company called prepay which is a atm of Edenred (£9b mcap plc) prepay have a banking licence in terms of payments and is the service monzo, coconut, gift cards and tide use so they can send and recieve payments, they use prepay’s sort codes etc (info from a mate in the industry).

That charge was initiated on the 19th may and completed 27th… 2 weeks tomorrow.

So hold up is almost (imo) certainly the bbb, which is why any reporting, bitching, whinging on social media could screw it up.

That’s me done - got far better things to do, just trying to offer a civilised angle but understand rational thinking is not easy when everyone’s balls are on the block.


I need the BBL as urgent as yesterday too btw, I’ve been so stressed I crash my car into a lamp post in a Car Park, need a new front end, btw I was sober. I probably need this money more than a lot of people because my Temporary Workers are calling me day and night asking for payment after doing 12hr shifts in Care Homes full of Covid19. Obviously so many other Bills need paying right now, marriage on the rocks, I have a traditional wife who needs a provider not a scrounger. Feeling sad is never going to bring me closer to BBL but taking positive steps can perhaps fix the situation in a different form. I’m now smiling with the kids and trying to enjoy life with a tenner in my pocket.

not what happens to us that defines us it’s how we react to it that defines us.

You’ll get through this, dust off the shoulders & keep that chin up. :muscle:

ALways set a goal that transcends your life time. it will keep you going becuase you will never exceed your highest expectation.
aim for the moon… even if you wil lmiss it, you will land among the stars.!

Don’t worry guys, what ever situation you are in tright now… it’s the price you need to pay to achieve success

Life is good if you know your destination!
forget tIde. do not let other hands to control our pocket!

Hi all,

I am sure most of you have already read Oliver’s second letter 3 that we shared a couple of days ago but I wanted to share it here to update the thread and address some comments.

We have lent the £50M we had initially raised and have been continuing to raise more. We are now very close to securing this and start delivering hundreds of millions more.

We took the decision to apply to become an accredited lender because we are dedicated to helping the SME community and we wanted to help lend these much needed funds to our members. In less than a month we have built a Bounce Back Loan tool, raised and lent over £50M to members who may not have been able to source this loan elsewhere.

I know you have read it in my other posts, but I wanted to reiterate that we stand with you, and all Tideans are working round the clock to ensure that we are ready to provide many more loans and continue to support as many eligible members as possible.

Thanks for your patience,

Thanks valentine,
Just want to say you are doing a great job in this difficult time for everyone.
Just hope Tide can deliver :+1:
Stay safe

Thanks Valentine for your words of reassurance. It’s good to know you’re close to securing the additional funds - to help the SMEs in this time of need.

I’m sure you’ll probably be working - but wishing you a good weekend.


I don’t know you guys instead of complying about what is going on in Tide and giving all the conspiracy related to tide why you guys didn’t applied already to other institutions so you can resolve the problems you have , yes I know you have been with tide for so long ,yes I k ow you are valued customers, yes I do know the have promised thing that they cannot deliver but they are tide. And this is what you get from them if they don’t erase my comment listen carefully. I was with tide a year ago after I had problem withdrawal my money and delays I did open account with loyds after this crisis with corona I did applied for the bbls and I got it with 24 h so my advice is don’t wait on this guys they are air in the night , just do something go to metro bank or apply for some other account somewhere else will be faster and sure then here good help you guys and be safe:)

after 6 days of do the application online for a business account with Metro, they called me yesterday, so this thursday ill have an apointment in branch, and they said after that in 2 hours ill have my business account, and then join the queue for BBL, i had my hopes with Tide, but we have to move on, our business cant wait for a bank that doesnt have funds

Yes once you open the account with metro you can go directly into the web site and sign to the waiting list in about an hour you will be asked couple questions and set up dd in a few min you are all set , same night money into the bank according to my cousin this is what happened. Good luck

do all of you still hope a bounce back loan from tide? LEAVe this bank. no future here. tide’s trust pilot review has gone downhill.

Dear Valentine

I have sent various messages in the app for support and there has been no reply so far.

Also sent an email to complaints and even that doesn’t work.

Have put an application through for Bounce Back Loan to ease the suffering of the Business and you are making it worse by not providing any support or even a response.

Help will be much appreciated.

Hi Usman,

I have gotten back to your Direct Message.

I know the team is in touch with you to further assist you. Rest assured that they’re on it.


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