Bounce Back Loans Update


Hi all,

I wanted to address some concerns and disappointment that you have voiced here regarding Bounce Back Loans.

Firstly, I’d like to reiterate that we understand this is a very stressful time for small business owners. Tide’s focus has always been and remains to be to help you, our members, small business owners. The Bounce Back Loan Scheme has been created to help small businesses in this incredibly difficult time and we are working hard to make sure we can deliver them to you.

I understand getting funding for your business can never come fast enough and If you have registered your interest on our waitlist, you may have read in our email on Tuesday night that over 30,000 members have registered interest in getting a Bounce Back Loan from us.

We were really excited to get our accreditation last week and our engineering team worked round the clock in a number of days to enable lending of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme to our members.

For clarity: this week, we have started to deliver our first batch of Bounce Back Loans.

We’ll further prioritise access to Bounce Back Loans based on the length of time since your business was incorporated and how long you’ve been with Tide. We are not giving priority to members on our different membership plans. Rest assured that we’re working hard to make Tide Bounce Back Loans available to as many eligible members as we are able to. I am afraid that at this time we cannot share timelines for this, but we will continue to communicate updates as and when we have more information. We will notify you on email and in-app as soon as we enable your access to Bounce Back Loans.

BBLS lenders have to undertake Know Your Customer (KYC) and fraud checks when giving Bounce Back Loans and we do these checks when you join Tide, therefore most members won’t need to provide us with additional information (we may need some additional information from some members and we will let you know if that’s the case).

Please also note that if we give you access to Tide Bounce Back Loans, you’ll be asked to self-certify some points to confirm your eligibility for the Bounce Back Loan Scheme. We can only offer loans to members who successfully complete this form.

If you cannot wait for a Bounce Back Loan from us, we understand. Please remember that while you can register your interest on multiple waitlists, you can only have a BBL application with one lender.

I also wanted to highlight the fact that our growing team, that has had to adapt a lot during this crisis, is working really hard to get back to all our members as soon as possible. However, as you can imagine, our accreditation means that we’ve been receiving way more messages than usual. If you have an urgent query please reach out to them via the in-app chat. Otherwise please check out our FAQ and our BBL FAQ there is a lot of information there!

Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone here, given the difficult situation, and to make sure you are not in breach of our T&Cs, to please keep your messages considerate. This forum was built for our SME community to exchange, collaborate and help each other.

Specifically, per these terms please be reminded, per subsection 18.4 (e), that “It is not permitted to: act in a manner that is defamatory, libellous, threatening or harassing when using the Services”.

Violating our Terms of Use could result in the team having to consider closing or suspending your Tide account as well as silence or suspend your community profile. We take our employees’ welfare very seriously and therefore will not tolerate the use of offensive or profane language.

Thank you for your understanding.

I hope this brings some clarity and answers to your questions.


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UHey Valentine,

Thanks for posting some information. I am a customer who loves Tide and would like to thank you for working around the clock to help as businesses. I can only imagine how tough things are, but I hope you can clear up the questions below which is causing frustration.

Earlier the social media channels where mentioning that you guys are having an issue with Capital for these loans, the Tweets seem to have been deleted now. How are things on the capital side, as mentioned on Twitter support, there seems to be an issue?

How quickly are batches released? As a Tide customer the communication has not been great, social media is stating capital issue. How many per batch? It would be good to have an indication of how long we can be waiting, so we can better manage our businesses.

E.G. I have to pay for some things and I’ve told suppliers, wait 2 weeks for funds. We can set expectations and plan around what our bank tells us.

Unfortunately, we cannot go to any other lender because banks like TSB, Natwest and Barclays are not taking on any other applications as they are so busy, so we need to work with Tide for these loans. I rather continue to bank with Tide anyhow, because apart from Bounce Bak tide is seriously a wiz at banking!

Will Tide consider pausing new applications to focus on existing customers too, like the traditional banks? Maybe this will free up resources!

I hope these comments are not considered defamatory, I am really keen to continue to bank with Tide as the service is impeccable. It’s just the process about bounce back has not been clear from the start and hope you can clear up these questions.

Thanks so much. Wishing you all well at Tide.

A customer who loves you!

Edit; Hey Tide, just found the tweet. This wasn’t mentioned on the blog, so is there an captial issue?


I have been a loyal happy customer of yours for over 12 months lobbied and emailed to help you become accredited by the bbb, I even had a long conversation with a Senior Communications manager at the bbb explaining why it was so important for tide to become accredited as they had 160,000 sme,s. He assured me that he would do whatever he could,and even called me back personally to let me know when you became accredited.

I feel very let down and looking at social media it is evident that thousands of other’s feel the same.

You have kept us all in the dark and are the only bank that has this pre-approved system in place that isn’t fair for existing customers who feel that new customers have been given preference even though we were the ones that you turned to when you needed help to become accredited.

I hope that you will hear the voice of your customers and change the way you have been dealing with us otherwise i see a mass exodus as soon as the high Street banks offers the bbl to non customers.


Dear Valentine

Your response in the forum to the messages regarding the delivery of the BBLS at Tide is ridiculous in the extreme.

You say you are prioritising we’ll establish firms , how well established , 2 years 4 years 10 years 20 years and you say those who have been loyal to Tide .

Ok I have been with your firm from the start and my business has been established for two years , am I on your VIP list.

Also you say don’t wait for a loan go to other banks, WE CANT DO THIS as they are not accepting outside applications which I am sure you are fully aware of.

Tide is picking and choosing who gets the money and who does not …NO NO NO.

You are breaking the terms of the British Business Bank.

It should be on a first come first served basis not the way you are doing it.

I have already had a conversation with the BBB and they are aware of how you are operating.

Btw all of the above comments conform to your section this and section that.

This has been a shambles from start to finish !


I just do not understand why Tide does not just have a SIGN IN PAGE where customers sign in, fill in the BBL Loan questionaire and then Tide works to approve those and get money out. It seems just so simple. Why waste time with waiting lists, batches and all the rest of it. Tide alrady has KYC and AML info on all customers. And customers self certify everything else. And loans all guaranteed by Gov. So I must be missing something, but for a business that wants to simplify banking I just do not understand why Tide is making such a meal out of this???


Hi Guys.
Is there anyone here who can write a formal letter so all of us can send that letter to BBB.



Good Morning.

Guys you can email your grieviance here the way TIDe is handling the BBL


Sure when it’s our turn we will get the notification :grin: I have faith


Thanks for that update. I’ve been a Tide Founder Member from the start. I think it is worth flagging up that there really is a campaign of disinformation going on at Facebook from what I can only describe as malicious posters. I won’t add the usernames but they are there - the same (brand new, data free) accounts, presumably fake, are posting on other FinTech pages on Facebook, making claims that are total nonsense.

These people are generally attacking Tide so you have to assume they are disgruntled customers. It’s also worth bearing in mind that people who HAVE accessed the BBL via Tide are likely to be out there getting on with their business, not posting on Facebook that they have the money (they may not want anyone to know).

I’m just hanging in there and waiting.


I am not sure you are correct.

I have had a call from Tide asking why I was complaining and informing me what they are doing so my posts are based on that . Tide are not! Following the rules regarding the BBLS . If you wish to check the rules I would head to the British Bank website. Tide are picking and choosing who they give the loans to as per the post by Valentine .
If you work out that the average loan could be 8k the times that by 33,000 registered people , Tide have no chance of fulfilling all of the loans NO CHANCE


Erm… your approach to so-called loyalty gets me thinking:
So, you have lured me to go to you only a few months back and am now going to be shafted because am not enough long standing customer?
So my business is over 16 years old but am not “loyal” enough in Tide’s eyes cos my Tide account is 3 months old???
I understand loyalty when it comes to better interest rates, lower requirements to get this or that, some perks like metal credit/debit cards, but NOT when it comes to 100% guaranteed loan which is self certified by customers.

Why not just prepare that application form, allow people to apply and take it from that?
You don’t even know how much money people will ask for…
I may qualify for say £10k but only want £5k or £3k … without application form you are wasting your time to pre-approve me for unknown amount.

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I have now submitted a formal complaint to the British Business Bank and they are looking into it.

If you have any problems with Tide regarding the BBLs I suggest you do the same.

Valentine again I am not breaking any of your rules.


They have removed the Tweet


Totally uncalled for.

So if the BBB decide to suspend Tide operating the BBLs whilst they investigate - we know who to blame.

Great work Einstein


According to to Tide’s FAQ’s, “
We’re taking a phased approach to offering Bounce Back Loans and have initially rolled out our first batch of Bounce Back Loans to limited companies.

My business is a limited company providing essential services to the NHS and have not received any BBL from Tide. Have still been waiting. If first batch of loan have already been given to limited companies, why am I still on the waiting list???


I’m in the same situation, we need the funds to provide Key Workers (Nurses and Carers) to health services dealing with Covid. I would imagine we should be first priority as it stands, no offence to everyone else.


Totally agree - and no offence at all.

I hope you and Rrrich get a notification soon.

Keep up the great work.



I got an email from Oviler Prill with an “update” but when it said “read more” it took me to Tide Login. I logged in and then …nothing came up. Can someone cut and paste or post teh email update here. I just get so concerned Tide seems to make things so complicated. Just send the email update and not like it to some kind of log in. Frustrating that there is (hopefully) an update out there - but I cannot see it. Thanks

Bbl on batches
Tide Bounce back loan

Hi all,

Thank you again for your continued support.

We understand how critical these loans are for our members and that you want to know when you’ll be able to access a Tide Bounce back Loan. Our CEO Oliver Prill has written a letter to all Tide members to update you on this.

I wanted to highlight a couple of points from the letter:

Since going live with Bounce Back Loans, we’ve been learning and improving how we deliver the scheme to make sure we scale effectively. As with all new features, we beta launched with a select number of limited companies who had been a member of Tide for a while, before making the loans available more widely.

We’re now working through our waiting list as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, we still can’t guarantee everyone who registers will be able to get a loan from us but we’re working hard to make the loans available to as many of you as possible, as well as providing more clarity on timelines. We believe that over the upcoming days and weeks we’ll be able to issue substantial volumes of Bounce Back Loans to our members.

You can find Oliver’s full letter here - I hope it will address all your questions.

Thank you again for your patience and on-going support.