Bounce Back Loan


Do you have a time line for these applications?


Hi @Johnboy1906,

We’re delivering Bounce Back Loans from this week, with a phased approach. This means we’re giving access to businesses in batches.

To find out if you can access for a Bounce Back Loan from us, open your Tide app and go to More > Credit > Bounce Back Loan.

We are working through our waiting list as quickly as possible but I am afraid I can’t confirm a timeline.

If you don’t see Bounce Back Loan in your app, please join our waiting list.



I am on the waiting list but do not see the bounce back loan in my app


Valentine - I am unsure if you missed my post above so I am re-posting this.

Please can you tell us what that initial limit is from the British Bank? Or how much have Tide raised from the Capital Markets to cover these initial batches of loans?

That is going to make a dramatic difference as to whether I wait this out or not. ie. you can easily calculate that if Tide have been given an initial sizing of £100m, then on the average BB loan of
£30k that is only going to service 3,333 business, likewise £1b is only going to service 33,333 out of your 160,000 registered with you.

I think everyone appreciates that the team are working tirelessly to make this happen and get it right, but without any peripheral information it is very hard for businesses to make decisions right now - if I think there is going to be a 2-4 week delay, we will need to start thinking about heading in a different direction.

Also, it is incredibly unhelpful to keep putting in bold text that you are aware of high demand and you will get to businesses in due course. We understand exactly what that means and I think for all of the businesses without access just now it seems like we will need to wait and wait and maybe not get it at all - that is just not acceptable as we all have employees and operational needs and we will seek to move elsewhere. Give customers the choice by giving them key information on whether they will be able to access this week or not and if not, when.

Many Thanks




I don’t think you will get a reply from Tide that will satisfy you. I have been warned by Tide to moderate my posts so I would be very careful what you say or you too might be told off.

As for the bold type , well Tide have said they will start lending when they are ready, so when will that be , this week , next week, in a year etc .

Really is is not fair to us all to keep us hanging like this.

I have joined the waiting list , intact I joined at the start of this yet I have heard nothing.

This is mind bending to be honest , we are all sitting waiting like idiots ,yet I have been told via other banks that my company qualifies but I can’t get an account with other banks and yet I have four limited company accounts with Tide and they are silent , so silent intact its deafening .


James a further update…

I have found an article on a website regarding Tide’s plans and it appears they will role out the loans very very slowly and only to a select few.

" Tide said its rollout of Bounce Back Loans, which are 100 per cent guaranteed by the UK government, would happen slowly with a waiting list and a small number of customers given the opportunity to apply.

“As Tide has most of the required data, the application process is very lean, primarily limited to the confirmations required by the government. Approval and payout will be instant,” the fintech said."""

See the article yourself:

Bounce Back Loan - has ANYONE been pre-approved or had ANY correspondence today?

I receieved an inapp push notification… about BBL, it says check in box, but when I open my Tide app nothing is there . :joy:

Which in box? my letter box in my house. shoes box… my TIDE soap box :joy:


Your email mate personal one


I think we all need to chill. If we are eligible, we will get a bounce back loan. Might not be this week, may not even be this month, but all business owners will get what they are entitled to.

The waiting and the not knowing are excruciatingly painful for us all, and the impact on our families is horrific. But we will get our loans in due course.

Stay safe people.


Honestly… said with a cigar and smoking jacket … embarrassing comment…


Apologies if I have embarrassed you, that was not my intention.


Behave … you clearly have a business which doesnt need it or has been affected by whats happened, so why even comment


If only you knew.


oh shut up both of you… nothing to embarrased with. we are all in this together. and maybe together we all will close our business together… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ha ha fair enough …lets all close up :partying_face::partying_face:


I am on the waiting list but can not see the bounce back loan in my app… does it mean I wasn’t pre-approved so I’m not qualified for it?


no you are not… just like all of us( based on TIDE’s standard)… so prepare to have a brilliant pivot idea or you will go down. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is the email I received from them this evening

Thank you for joining our Bounce Back Loan waiting list.

As a loyal Tide member we want to be transparent with you so you can make informed decisions about your business.

Things have been moving quickly since our accreditation last week with the British Business Bank and we have now started delivering the loans to members.

Over 30,000 people have joined our waiting list so far. We want you to know that we’re doing everything we can to get through these as quickly as possible. As we continue to offer the loan in batches we will keep you updated. As with all lenders, we have been given an approved “limit” by the British Business Bank - we are still within this limit and have already started a request to increase this.

We appreciate it’s an extremely difficult time for the SME and freelance community. Since we are experiencing higher demand than normal, all Tideans are now on hand to support you. The links below are up-to-date with the latest information;


YES, but it does not say you are pre-approved… meaning just move on and prepare for the worst. accept the fact that TIDE is not a charity institution.
Don’t be a waiter, be a mover.
In every crisis there is opportunity,

Don not wait for someone to help you… nobody’s gonna help you. welcome to the business world:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Guys? are you all sleeping? I can’t sleep waiting for the Bounce Back Loan. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: