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Ye s I had the same push but when I clicked on it it sent me to an email saying thanks for registering and we will be in touch, which I had had on the day tide asked me to register for the BBLS, so not sure why they sent me the same push notification again… VV strange things…

Guys . I don’t know what our bank is doing, but the support to help us survive in times like this looks like does not exist.

I just received an email from FSB(Federation of Small Business) that my Grant application has been accepted and they are giving 3000£ advertiement package and my company will advetized, adverts will run across Associated Newspapers titles including the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday, and MailOnline.

out of 6000 appplicant I am Lucky and got accepted…

TIDE please just release the money msall businesses need it.

I’ve created an account simply to reply to this post.

I believe Tide like all the other banks should have come up with an application process/form. We deserve more than an “email registration” what does that mean anyway? They didn’t get any information they don’t need to give any explanation simple as that! I want to have the chance to apply and receive a yes or no and a reason why. Email registration is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Hi all… hope everyone is fine.
Today I checked my TIDE APP again I tought there was an update but nothing. the last time I checked was 10 minutes ago there is nothing as well just like every 10 minutes before that since BBL has been announced. still nothing . :slight_smile: I will update you if there something new ahhhh maybe after 10 minutes… bye. im enjoying the sun in front of my business premisses ( half open) :slight_smile:

Valentine hunny where are you?

I think part/all of the problem is that Tide (along with other FinTech Banks) do NOT have a big deposit base to lend out. Nor can they borrow unlimited sums from the Bank of England. Hence, while the BBB and Treasury will guarantee the loans, where does Tide access the cash to actually make the loans? I owuld have thought that, once approved, Tide could then borrow as needed from he BofE - but maybe not. I could be completely wrong, and this is not the issue at all. But Tide surely owes it to all its customers to be SPECIFIC as to what the issue is, when, if ever it is likely to be solved. But just a deafening silence!

Having done a small bit of research on twitter it seems it’s not just Tide who are struggling. As far as I can see only Lloyds are covering themselves in glory, with HSBC starting another raft of payments at the moment. The other high street banks are having similar issues to Tide.

I’m sure it’ll come out in the wash, with any luck some of us will have businesses at the end of it!

Barclays too is moving fast for existing customers. TiDE has been communicating well in the last few days too. They have been sending updates out and maintaining conversations. I bet they are working as hard as they can. We just keep hoping for the best.

So Tide appear to have finally disclosed how they are selecting who gets pre approved.

How long you have been incorporated and how long you have had an account with Tide.

Just seen this on twitter perhaps you should put out an official confirmation @Valentine_at_Tide

How are you prioritising people to receive access to Tide Bounce Back Loans?

We’re taking a phased approach to offering Bounce Back Loans and have initially rolled out our first batch of Bounce Back Loans to limited companies.

We’ll further prioritise access to Bounce Back Loans based on the length of time since your business was incorporated and how long you’ve been with Tide. We’re working hard to make Tide Bounce Back Loans available to more members.

Remember, if we give you access to Tide Bounce Back Loans, you’ll be asked to fill in a self-declaration form about your eligibility for the Bounce Back Loan Scheme. We can only offer loans to members who successfully complete this form.
See also: FAQ: Is my business eligible for the Bounce Back Loan Scheme?

i think (hope) they (tide) are doing everything they can to get the money out to the applicants. i know we needed the cash yesterday - but we don’t always get what we want. i’ve seen tide get a beating on the forums, which has been pretty unfair, when they’ve simply been going through the mass amount of applicants that have applied. it’s in tide’s interest to get the money out to the needy - as the more they lend the more they’ll get in return. they’re a business just like us - so i’m pretty sure if they had a magic wand they would use it - but unfortunately these things take time. when you’re waiting on funds one day seems like a week. i’m in desperate need of funds to keep my business afloat but beating tide up ain’t going to get my funds any quicker - it will just drive me to an early grave - so hopefully it will come if it doesn’t then i’ll just have to keep trying with other lenders.

forgot to add: please make sure you’re using the latest tide app version. you should have v2.55.1 - it was released on the 16th of may

Again limited companies and those with long standing accounts get priority - sole traders, new account holders and those in REAL need of help at the bottom of the list just like other banks have done. This isn’t how the BBLS was supposed to run - it was meant to be fair for everyone.
Feeling desperate and nowhere else to turn now.

Hi all,

After reading all your messages and feedback I have written a new post here 32 which I hope will address all your questions.

If you still have questions, please reply to that new thread directly and we’ll do our best to address them as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your patience and support,

Hey Valentine,

Thanks for posting, regular updates are so useful <3!


Hello thanks for the update…

In my profile it says
Bounce Back Loan

But I checked my tide bank… no money came in Please Tide show me the Money. :slight_smile: please se attached photo

It turns out They granted me EMOJI badge not BBL. . LOL … I don’t want EMOJI Iwant BBL

whether the applicant can afford or not as per terms

TIDE Bank, and every other bank who signed up to become providers of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme were made fully aware of how it should operate and the fact that lenders should “not conduct any form of credit or affordability check” . This is a direct quote from Paragraph 13 of the BBLS Declaration as shown below via the screenshot taken from the application form.


Hi @parot,

I have explained in my latest BBL post here 22 the below - I hope this will address all your questions.

BBLS lenders have to undertake Know Your Customer (KYC) and fraud checks when giving Bounce Back Loans and we do these checks when you join Tide, therefore most members won’t need to provide us with additional information (we may need some additional information from some members and we will let you know if that’s the case).

Please also note that if we give you access to Tide Bounce Back Loans, you’ll be asked to self-certify some points to confirm your eligibility for the Bounce Back Loan Scheme. We can only offer loans to members who successfully complete this form.

You won’t be asked to sign a personal guarantee on a Bounce Back Loan.
The Government guarantees 100% of your loan with your lender, but you remain liable for all the repayments, as well as the interest after the first year.


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