Bounce back loan needed


Im sure tide is aware of how many of us need these bounce back loans
We currently hold a business account with a high turnover and would welcome the chance to apply with this being said we know you wont do so .
Could we have an esitimate on timescale?
When will you let the few privileged businesses know ?
Also an indication of how many customers who may miss out on this bounce back loan due to the government’s poor loan limit ?

As SMES all over the UK are in limbo if i close down today the costs will be bearable if i work untill 103 years of age but the longer i am in limbo the longer my kids , kids , kids will have to work .

Give us some answers
.or better yet a bounce back loan


i haven’t been a customer for long but i moved all my buisness banking with tide in the hope they would be better than the rest and their roll out or lack of it regarding the BBL has made me regret my decision to join them its been an absloute disaster i have been trading since 2015 and in need of a bbl and the lack of clarity from tide has been a disgrace.


So stressful, frustrating & disappointing. I really thought Tide would be different.
Problems with over-subscription & inadequate funding limit & delays caused waiting for this limit to be increased, are understandable, but the lack of information communicated to members is unprofessional & unforgivable.


I couldn’t agree more!!


Still no updates from tide
Twitter is a good platform too
Search bounce back loan experience lots of tips on how to obtain a bounce back loan from other lenders


Hi all,

After reading all your messages and feedback I have written a new post here which I hope will address all your questions.

If you still have questions, please reply to that thread directly and we’ll do our best to address them as soon as possible.


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