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I read with interest your aim to have the bounce back loan position available by mid June. I would have replied to your other post but you keep locking topics so we can’t respond.

The number returned from the position is meaningless unless we know what number you are up to. i.e we want to know our relative position in the queue. Will this function provide that information? Given you must know how long each takes to process could you also give us an estimate of how long we’d need to wait? Based on the number before us.

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    Jun '20
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I am guessing this is just to shut us up.

It has been Two weeks now since Tide claim they started handing out loans, if you believe them that is.

Frankly I do not believe anything that comes out of this corrupt and none transparent Bank.

It is an absolute disgrace that they are still not informing us as to where we are on the list.

I heard form a friend the other day hat he had had a loan and he had only registered three days before Tide had achieved its accreditation, so TIDE please inform us all how he was able to get a loan with a new business and newly signed up to TIDE…