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No nothing on app not sure what u have to comply with to be pre approved

Not sure either. I just hate when they get our hopes up on a Friday for us to wait all weekend until Monday morning to then be let down again…

Stressful enough as things are right now like most people orders enquiries have fell off the cliff and will be for a little while longer the bounce back would help to trade through and alleviate stress right now

Checking the app still havent been approved
To apply ! Madness to say the least

Hi all,

I completely understand that Bounce Back Loans are of paramount importance to you and your business. Please rest assured that the team is working tirelessly to deliver them to as many members as possible as fast as possible.

In regards to timeline, the team are working hard with the British Business Bank to start delivering Bounce back Loans from this week and we will give more information as soon as we’re able to.

You can see my full reply about Bounce Back Loans on this community topic here 13.

Thank you for your patience,

Hi Valentine,

We all understand this but initially it was communicated as Monday 18th, then it became ‘early this week’ and now you are saying ‘this week’. It is extremely frustrating to keep getting knocked back as our expectations should be managed properly - it is very unfair to keep pushing out the timeline.

Transparency is key in relation to something so important.

Hi @Farrinc ,

I’m sorry if there was any confusion about the timeline on this. When we got accredited on the 15th, we explained that we will start delivering Bounce Back Loans early next week.

To confirm, we will begin delivering Bounce Back Loans early this week and are aware that the demand will be very high.

To deliver this funding quickly and efficiently we will take a phased approach to lending. We are aiming to deliver Bounce Back Loans to all Tide members who are eligible in due course.

Reminder: you can find out more about Bounce Back Loans and join our waitlist to register your interest here 6.


Let me be clear. The email DID NOT state ‘early next week’. It stated ‘from 18th May’. It’s 19th May now and still nothing. It is also ‘early next week’ because Wednesday is certainly not an early day in the week.

So what’s happening?

Hi @Farrinc,

I’m sorry there’s been a delay. Unlike many banks, we never lend out the money our members put into their accounts so we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to raise the capital we need to support the Bounce Back Loan Scheme. We’ve also had to build the functionality to get the loan money to our members and to collect repayments.

We’re delivering Bounce Back Loans from this week, with a phased approach. This means we’re giving access to businesses in batches.

To find out if you can access for a Bounce Back Loan from us, open your Tide app and go to More > Credit > Bounce Back Loan.

We are working through our waiting list as quickly as possible but I am afraid I can’t confirm a timeline.

If you don’t see Bounce Back Loan in your app, please join our waiting list 8.


Hi @Veryswede, thank you for flagging this article.

We have spoken to AltFI and they have amended the article as the information was incorrect.

To confirm, we’re delivering Bounce Back Loans from this week, with a phased approach. This means we’re giving access to businesses in batches.

The British Business Bank assigns a maximum amount each accredited lender can lend as Bounce Back Loans. This means we can’t lend to all businesses who need a Bounce Back Loan at once.

We aim to deliver these loan to as many eligible members as possible but because we’re expecting a high demand, we can’t guarantee that everyone who joins the waiting list will be able to access Tide Bounce Back Loans.

We’ll keep our members updated but in the meantime, you can find more information here: https://www.tide.co/bounce-back-loans/#faqs 10

Yet again just a pre written message copy and pasted.
This really does nothing for us, I think everyone can agree that not 1 person knows someone that has been pre approved.
The way we have been treated is disgusting. No updates from tide just the same old pre written posts.

We have no timescale on what to expect and nothing to go on.

I give tide a chance as I was recommended, I should of gone and taken my business to a proper bank.

My company is on the verge of going bust.
I had so many plans and progression for my company until COVID-19 hit and i feel let down by tide probably along with many many others.

Thanks for nothing

Hi all,

After reading all your messages and feedback I have written a new post here 40 which I hope will address all your questions.

If you still have questions, please reply to that thread directly and we’ll do our best to address them as soon as possible.


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