Blocked transaction


I am trying to transfer money to an account which I have done before (for the same amount) but the transaction was blocked and I can not seem to get a response from support. This transaction is required urgently. How do I resolve this?


Hi there @Regoliltd

Occasionally we do have to make checks on payments as part of regulations. We do try to keep these routine and quick, the team have been in touch already, so have a look for an email from them and provide them with any information they’ve requested.




I have received an email saying checks are being performed but I have not been asked for any information or a timescale for when this will be resolved.

It would be helpful to be advised of typical response times and resolution times, and this would stop me having to chase. Especially when this transaction is very urgent yet I can not advise the recipient any indication of when this will be resolved…

Just some feedback for you.



Thank you for the feedback @Regoliltd

The timelines and what information the team might need from you directly do tend to vary from case to case, but they’ll let you know if they need any further detail, or when their checks are complete.



The same has happened to me and no one is replying to my messages - this is urgent and I need someone to respond to this. If I had known this would happen I never would have used Tide for my start-up funding round and I will be advising other people not to use Tide too. You’ve been unacceptably slow in responding to a very urgent set of queries


Yes. Quite disappointing.

I would be ok if they provided a rough indication of timescale.


Thank you both for sharing your thoughts.

I do understand how this must be frustrating, we’d also prefer to give specific timescales, as would the team.

As they’ve explained it to me, how long each individual case takes tends to vary a great deal. In that sense, we want to avoid giving timescales that we can’t reasonably stick to. This is absolutely reasonable feedback and I’ll definitely let the team know so we can try to find a more effective solution.



Still no update and it is now the weekend.

I will be writing a separate complaint as this is now causing me financial difficulties due to the poor turn around time.


I completely understand, @Regoliltd

It’s unfortunate that this is taking a bit longer for you, I’ll do what I can to ask the team to give you priority, but I hope you understand that it’s a necessary component of our colleagues’ work.