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I initiated a payment on 11th Dec to buy a house
I was advised by my solicitor that it had not been received
I then scheduled a payment which should have gone through 12:00 today
At 13:00 I revieved a text to say that the payment had not gone through due to technical issues
I have requested a call back at 13:04 and still waiting
The money had to be with the solicitor today or we lose the house
Can someone please call back on this

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    Dec '20
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    Dec '20
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Hi there @WestcrossP

Thank you for reaching out about this, I’m glad to see that the team have been in touch about these transactions just a short while ago.

The responsible team typically doesn’t have a phone line direct to members while they perform their checks, but they do try to see these matters resolved as quickly as possible.

I’d be happy to give you a call if there’s anything at all you’d like us to look into further, just let me know.


Hi Obi,
I need urgent help, I made a payment this morning to solicitors for a completion of a property purchase due today in couple hours and the payment has been blocked. I didn’t realize that there is no telephone number to contact TIDE, I’m so frustrated right now, and no one is responding to several messages I have sent on support through the mobile app.

Can someone from TIDE Team help me its very urgent, otherwise I will lose the property.

Hello @Duchess,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here.

We can see that Abbie from our dedicated team provided you with an update on the thread you have together and everything has been resolved.

Let us know if anything else comes up!