Blocked payment for security reason


Hi, my payment has been blocked. And when I wanted to make payment it says it is blocked for security reasons. It a lot inconvenient, when you have to work for time but your payment. Especially, it is already difficult for everybody, for businesses. You have perform at your best to remain on the business. Please help me with this matter ask as soon as possible, as I do not want to loose customers .
Kind regards


Thank you for reaching out @Alfalabarotory

I’ve just checked in with the responsible team about this - we do have to perform checks on outbound payments from time to time, but we try to keep them sorted within the same working day.

The team will be in touch about this as soon as possible.



Dear Obi!
I have received massages asking for further details on the massages part of my app. I did not receive notifications nor I have received email regarding the requirement. I think, there is technical error of the app. Due to my account has been frozen without my acknowledgement, please send email with the same request in case you need further information, as the app is not always illustrating notification. As a result, now I am on hold, and can not access my account. By all means, I have sent all the required documents and explanations. And I would like to know how long it takes for the review, as the account is my primary for job.
Kind regards