Blocked account no reason


This is another song about some regulations and all that nonsense… my acount was blocked today and i was put in horrible situation at petrol station card was declined i can’t access my money in any way … for some reason they blocked my account and giving me that copy paste generic messages AVOID AVOID AVOID SCAM SCAM SCAM

Suport from tide app ignore me no answer !!!


Hi @Marioautos,
Unfortunately we cannot disclose the status of your account here, but we believe someone has now reached out via the in-app chat to further discuss this with you.
Apologies if this situation has caused any inconvenience, however we can’t completely avoid having to suspend accounts in some cases while we request further information. While this may seem worrying, this procedure is in line with payment industry regulations and our terms and conditions.

Please do not hesitate to reply to the in-app message you have been sent if you have any other questions.


Again generic ansver and this is your help … we are in control banks are Legal Criminals approved by out useless governments 1 day this game will ower the future is wery close and that will change everything BITCOIN WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING that centralised money control should ower wery soon banks is the clan small amount of people’s controls that and they plying wit our lives.

I was stupid cos I was thinking Tide is diferent tide is same shit just in other hand.

Every one avoid avoid dont beleve them anymore no support just generic messages and we will write you …



This is my first ever review ,am compelled to write this as a result of the absolutely useless experience banking here :
MY account was frozen randomly on 17th FEB 2018, no notice…just frozen

After 6 messages from me following this up (and 5 days ) i finally received a message requesting relevant paperwork …to which i replied and sent relevant docs immediately

THEN NOTHING… followed by more chasing from me

then another request …to which i replied… THEN NOTHING AGAIN

now 21 DAYS later STILL NOTHING !!

I contacted the financial ombudsman on Monday 26th and sent them a copy of all my correspondence

ANY SUGGESTIONS from anyone would be welcome


Seeing and reading all this news, is not encouraging. I am currently experiencing similar situation and i keep getting generic messages, with no ETA of money refund. this is not nice. You are playing with someone’s money put in your trust. Now I have to chase up 7days to get bad response with even worse response when they told me no ETA refund process.


Hi guys,
I’m in the same position now and my business is about to crumble.
Account was put on hold for no reason and all I get is that the account is being reviewed and that they will get back to me shortly.
How did you guys resolve this?
I’m thinking of getting a lawyer. Even banks don’t act like this.
It is very very shocking… !!!
Please let me know how you guys resolved this. I’m ready to bring these guys down. They can’t keep treating people like this…


I have tried to pay someone by means of twice and with 2 different cardswhat is going wrong.


Hi, thanks for taking the time to draw this to our attention. We apologise for the delay in response and as we are actively upscaling our number of Member Support Agents to meet increasing demand from our member base, so we’re confident that we can offer you a great standard of service moving forward and all messages from the members of our community will be attended to immediately.

If you’re still having difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at or via the in-app chat - we’d love to help!

Best wishes,