Best accountancy integration - suggestions please!


Hi all

I have a small business of 1, I’ve been using Tide for a while and I’m happy enough. Sure a few things could improve (eg. I’d like invoices created in the app to let me know when they’ve been paid/are overdue) but I’m confident they’re on the right track.
Anyway, I don’t have any accounting software as yet (well I got sage but it’s way too messy - I haven’t used it and I’m going to cancel) but I’d like to go for the solution that is most integrated with Tide - that is to say the product that requires the least involvement from me and streamlines the process best. This means at the least, using the categories I’ve assigned in Tide already and not making me do it all again (sage)

Can anyone give me any suggestions, pros and cons etc?

Looking forward to hearing from you!