BBLS loans for Critical businesses


We’re a healthcare staffing agency supplying Key Workers (Nurses and HCAs) into hospitals and care homes and desparatley require the BBLS loan scheme inorder to;

A) improve cashflow and increase our pay rates to encourage staff to work

B) pay staff earlier in a bid to beat our competitors

C) Urgently invest in a website that allows agency workers to register online rather than in person for: Social Distancing and also Increase reach

D) Improve and increase marketing for international Nurse recruitment inorder to bring more critical key workers into the system.

E) Purchase PPE and provide to staff as the government are not providing to externally agencies such as ourselves.

How can we get a chance to apply for the urgently needed BBLS ??? We have recently signed up to Tide and not yet showing trading history as a result.
Thank you


Good luck with that. even us whose with tide for a 3 years now… still hasnt hear anything about bbl.

you can go to HSBC they will open you a feeder account so you cna apply for BBL even if you are not an existing hsbc cusotmer


I wish they would just let us know if and when it has gone live. Tired of waiting around for this BBL when it was supposed to be a straight forward process!


Hi all,

I completely understand that Bounce Back Loans are of paramount importance to you and your business. Please rest assured that the team is working tirelessly to deliver them to as many members as possible as fast as possible.

In regards to timeline, the team are working hard with the British Business Bank to start delivering Bounce back Loans from this week and we will give more information as soon as we’re able to.

You can see my full reply about Bounce Back Loans on this community topic here .

Thank you for your patience,


Hi can you give us anymore information on the time frame of when we can apply? Thanks


Hi @Johnboy1906,

Have you joined our waiting list?

You can also find more information about Bounce Back Loans on our dedicated FAQ page here:



Yes I have still nothing.


Thanks for confirming @Johnboy1906 and sorry if this was unclear.

Once you have joined our waiting list, when you can access a Bounce Back Loan from us, we’ll send you an email or app notification to let you know that your offer is ready and what you need to do to take up the offer.

We aim to deliver these loan to as many eligible members as possible but because we’re expecting a high demand, we can’t guarantee that everyone who joins the waiting list will be able to access Tide Bounce Back Loans.

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