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Just wondering what exactly you have done for people to be marked down as having applied for a bbl with you when we’ve all been told we’re only on a list & can apply elsewhere?

You’ve got 50k + people all suffering with mental health issues and desperate to get sorted of which you’ve not been able to and now when they have gone elsewhere they’ve been refused… because you’ve applied on their behalf ?

I’ve been (& still am) incredibly understanding of the situation, it’s not easy for anyone at the moment, but this just seems a little bit to much to be accommodating of…

had messages from 2 friends today Both had the same problem…

So my question…

Is everyone on that list going to have the same issue ?

Are we all going to get rejected until people are removed from the list?

Please can we have some honest answers

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    Jul '20
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Obi, Ali, Valentine

As well as the above can you please give us some indication on the likely hood of tide securing funds through the government ?

I understand you are pushing for it ?

My concern is and I’ve highlighted this to others, if your list means that you cannot apply anywhere else, then to apply elsewhere we need to be removed from the list, but other banks could still end up rejecting applications and then at a later date tide gets funds…

But anyone who has applied elsewhere now is no longer on the list anymore and has been dragged through the mill multiple times by tide…

Can we please have some indication as to what the heck is going on, is everyone on the list locked on the list?

Do mgmt of tide think it is likely (not possible but likely) to get funds ?

Considering as they have said they have been in talks with the treasury for some time then they must have an indication?

If you don’t want to end up getting sued left right and center for people’s businesses going under whilst being lied to, which is seeming ever more likely, can we please have a decent reply, with the status of wtf is going on & not a cut and paste cover our arse reply please…?

I think we are all fooked. A friend had the same message from Starling this morning. Application rejected as he can only have one BBL even though he switched his account from Tide around a week ago.

Well we need to know.

If they’ve done it to gain better leverage or god knows what else tide need to stop taking us for idiots and be honest. I don’t want to apply elsewhere before I know if this “list” will effect my eligibility.

None of this “ the list is in order “ (even tho you have 10 diff list numbers and were originally 300 on the list)

We, as business people fully understand the need to protect your interests but there also comes a time where your best option & interest is to be honest & not take 5 days to reply…

Hi there @Cam

Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the delays in getting back to you. I and the rest of the team absolutely appreciate that you’ve been incredibly understanding in light of our announcement.

I know that my colleague Yani’s responded elsewhere and we are absolutely looking into the matter of rejections that our members are facing with other lenders, we’ll have a response for you as soon as possible.

In regard to your other questions, we do not have any timelines, nor can we really speculate as to how likely it is that the Government will take action in regard to our communication with HM Treasury. If and when it does happen, and this is not likely to be overnight, we’ll definitely start taking steps to resume lending and make announcements to that effect.