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Those are the people we should be bombarding with tweets right now.
Unfortunately venting at Tide will change nothing. The pot is dry and needs to be filled. Those 3 can do it!


Spot on mate.

It can happen but nothing ever happens by feeling sorry for ourselves… 84000 businesses is no small number & this government are reactive as they don’t have a bloody scooby what they are doing.

Bbb put out an interesting statement.



I did copy all those to @RishiSunak & @hmtreasury.
i’m also going after my mp. The government needs to fund these loans, that’s what i’ve always said from the beginning.


It is not going to happen.

Your energies are far better used trying to get banking services from a “bank”.

By all means write to your MP, I will be doing the same. But do not think for one moment that this will change anything.

Look at the new starter furlough scheme, SEISS scheme and all sorts of other areas where millions have fallen through the cracks.

Focus the energies on getting the loan, not trying to force the gov’ts hand.


I will be doing both


And comments are being deleted as well as my comments are gone tide is a joke


Tide won’t let me post the same message to every thread, so please take a look here The tides gone out, let’s combine efforts to save our businesses


Mate pretty sure almost everyone in here has been doing exactly that. I’ve exhausted every avenue and am still waiting on some.

This government are utterly diabolical & reactive as opposed to proactive so it cannot hurt hounding mp’s, putting pressure on, there is little to lose doing so.

As for the guys excluded 3m that many in here are a part of the government will cave on that eventually mainly because people haven’t got a “it’ll never happen” attitude.

But I appreciate what you are getting at, tide is many peoples only hope of survival.


Ive been tweeting them all.Its the Government that came up with the BBLS so its them that should be fixing this.



“ We hope this is not the end of Tide Bounce Back Loans

We really tried our best to make the Government’s Bounce Back Loan Scheme work. I know of many of your frustrations and rather than setting them aside, they really drove us to work as hard as we could. Unfortunately, we cannot change the Scheme by ourselves, but you have our commitment that we stand ready to immediately lend at scale through the Bounce Back Loan Scheme if and when the necessary changes have been made by the Government. ”


Thank you for your comments, everybody.

I and the rest of the team know how much of a blow this is to the members who have been relying on us to be able to come through in this regard.

The support of our members was a key component in our accreditation and we’ll be thrilled to continue lending and supporting you all once we can.