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Are we any further forward than we were when the waiting list started?

Unfortunately for me the time delay has meant I’ve had to take a part time job just to survive. I’ve looked at the other options which now are very limited to say the least.

Just wish I took matters into my own hands when it was first introduced rather than hoping tide would come good.


We are saddened to hear you are disappointed with Tide. As soon as we announced our accreditation, we have been working hard on securing funding. We are truly devastated that we were not able to help more of our members.


Are we any further forward though. Are private investors still being spoken too ? Or is it simply waiting for the government to change criteria. As much as tide have been good with day to day stuff apart from the odd delay in receiving and send payments. This has left a very bad taste in my mouth mostly due to the very poor communication. Why hasn’t there been another update. It’s almost like if we keep quiet it will blow over.


We are currently only campaigning for the Government to adjust the design of the Scheme, which is rather time consuming. We’ll restart lending only if the Government or Bank of England provides the funding we need directly to us - we have asked for this. Unfortunately it is unlikely though.

We know this funding is vital for many small businesses so if you were waiting for a BBL from us and you still need a loan, you must now put your other plans into action. We believe no other lenders accredited for Bounce Back Loans are accepting applications from new customers. However, small businesses can be eligible for Coronavirus Business Interruption Loans and some accredited lenders might still be accepting applications. Alternatively, you could investigate taking out a guaranteed loan but this comes with added risk.


So just to confirm

  1. You’ve over promised on something you were NEVER in a position to deliver.

  2. You continued to offer false hope until you’d dug a hole that big you needed to BBL to buy a digger to get back out, let’s face it the waiting list was purely a stalling game in the hope everyone didn’t jump ship

  3. You waited to tell everyone the truth at a point there was pretty much no option for them to go else where.

  4. Now you suggest getting a guaranteed loan in the most uncertain times businesses have experienced for decades, potentially risking people’s homes if we were to second peak.

Unfortunately Tide the writing is on the wall. You have messed with 1000’s of people lives. And I hope others like me they leave in there 1000’s. You don’t deserve to be responsible for anyone’s money.


Hi @Newbielee ,

They do not care. Trust me. We e-mailed, we called, we offered support.

The extent of their “lobbying” the government and Treasury appears to be a Linkedin post by Dr.Prill tagging in the Chancellor, and some hopeful e-mails sent out.

The lack of strategy here has been astonishing, no co-ordinated action, no pro-forma letters for their members to lobby MP’s with, no reaching out to their members to see who may have connections or networks to assist.

They waited and promised. They will claim they didn’t promise, yet an email was sent in June to all members saying that they had lent £50m and “there is more to come”.

The tracker never got launched, the promises were mever met, the app now crashes, customer service messages take up to a week for answers. They give no FSCS cover.

They are now going cap in hand for money from the RBS compensation fund to build an online directory that nobody will use, and no customers want.

Their VAT submission app does not allow the reverse charge mechanism (so how do you bill for Google, Facebook or Linkedin Marketing).

And to top all of this off, despite never giving out any bounce back loans bar an initial and paltry £50m, they gave the details of ALL clients who had expressed an interest in BBL to the BBB and showed up as saying that these clients had applied.

Perhaps the worst thing here is the lack of contrition by Tide, saying that £50m is a “large amount” for a business of their size, yet they bank 1.5% of SME’s and their lending amounted to the turnover of a reasonably sized boarding school of kids.

You could not make up what a farce this company is. @Yani_at_Tide @Obi_at_Tide


The frustrating bit for me is that complete lack of clear and honest information. Day 1 should have been we have 50m to lend at that point people could have choose different options. Dragging out the outcome has just made the situation considerably worse for the majority of businesses. Your correct the ‘more to come’ was completely a stalling issue.

The waiting list was never going to happen, I applied my interest 7 minutes on the original email and was told I was 14,000 ish on the list. Knowing other businesses which applied after having a considerably lower numbers. The list would have created the biggest shi# storm for them as it would have highlighted no one had a clue what was going on.

Personally I’m not putting a bean through the account as I have absolutely no trust in it being safe or being able to access when needed.

It’s quite obvious that the government aren’t going to lend them money, another blame everyone else but Tide.

Over promised
Under delivered
Full of excuses
Complete lack of customer service

About time Oliver pulled his head out if the sand and actually apologies for his actions.

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