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Valentine can you please get someone to contact me urgently - I need to pay suppliers from our business account and cannot get access to it as I got a new phone and the app will not let me log in nor do the recovery instruction work!!!

Hi @sarahhutcheonss,

Sorry to hear this - have you made sure you were using the email address attached to your Tide account when trying to sign in on your new phone?


Hi new to the community !!
Been on the waiting list, registered within the first day of opening.
Don’t understand the number process as nothing really adds up regarding position on the “waitlist”.
Have supported tide to get accredited and now seem to be just stuck in no mans land.
Probably survive another 2 weeks before having to go bankrupt :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:.
Never thought l would need to open another business account as Tide convinced me they were going to get the funds to us !!!
Really can’t understand the lack of BBLs being given and the CUT AND PASTE message culture.
We are your customers without us there is noTide there is no Valentine there is nothing !!!
All we ask is clear honest information on the BBLs situation and is there funding.
There are hundreds if not thousands of Tide Members on the brink of collapse and just need help.
Really hope Tide sorts there act out.
Stay safe everyone

The problem is that most other banks that offer BBLs are not letting new customers open accounts, I know, I’ve tried :frowning:

Ive applied with HSBC without an account with them.
Call 08000121614 and ask for a temporary feeder account.
They’ll get in touch with you with business account number and sort code so you can then apply as a business customer.
Really simple process and theyre really upfromt about the fact it’ll take up to 3 weeks to open the account.
I dont mind waiting when im told how long I’ll be waiting for.
Honestly i think thats all we want from Tide at the moment; a clear idea of whats going on. How long will we be waiting based on the numbers.

Thanks for that Jess, might give them a call

i’ve applied with HSBC for a feeder acc at 6 May, since then no email no news no nothing, i’ve called them on 4 June to speak to them , they cant tell nothing, so i made a new application

Many banks still allow you to open new business account if you have personal account with them.
For instance:

  • Natwest (full account or no-charges feeder account);
  • Santander,
  • TSB,
  • Lloyds,
  • Halifax (allows to apply for Lloyds business account).

That’s pretty much most of high street banks so chances are you are with one of them.
Plus HSBC and Barclays (and Starling) accept new business customers.
Plenty of options - not perfect though as why would anyone need to open new account to get government guaranteed help…

did you not received an email saying do you want t o wait or cancell.?

I selected I want to wait. then I received the aapplication that needs to complete.

check your junk mail.


yeah, HSBC, ive done that online application form, and manage after tons of questions to do the application and got a reference number, and its on pre approval, but saw a lot of people declined even LTD

Im with lloyds as a personal customer. Theyre not accepting new business account applications :frowning:

My partner has had enough and applied for Natwest sole-trader business feeder account (as a Natwest personal account holder).
Took them 10 calendar days to open it.
When account number and sort code were known then it was pretty fast. And I mean it: FAST!!!
2 pages application form submitted at 11:02. Then they were supposed to reply within 24 hours with full pre-filled application (about 20 pages). But email landed at 11:20. At 11:58 they confirmed receipt of full application and were supposed to give their decision within 48 hours. But they approved application and sent loan papers at 13:28 (so took them only 90 minutes to decide). Then after signing (electronically) loan papers they pay within 3 working days.

That’s how it should be when it is run properly. From initial application to actually getting the money within hours!!! No waitlist, no queue numbers, no tool for checking your number - just application form and then quick approval (or rejection) and job done. And no priorities for being Ltd., big, long-standing customer…

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