BB Loans


What documents will be required… Do you need these before being pre approved. I am sure there are a lot of people that want to be prepared and ready to go once you are live tomorrow. tomorrow.


They will ask for the moon. like starling


I think "don’t hold your breath is appropriate for Tide as they appear to take a very long time for any communication. Also they will be giving out the loans firstly to the “premium members”

As for what they are asking for they are NOT allowed to ask for anymore than the government has stipulated as the loan is SELF CERTIFY and that means they can’t ask for proof of trading or income at all in any circumstance. Lest they forget that the loans are 100% secured by the UK Government.


Let us all report TIDE to BBB. somethign is not right if they are stipulating their own rules.


Looks like it will be another Starling fiasco


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You can see my latest reply about Bounce Back Loans on this community topic here.

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