Banking information




I need to place on my invoices the banking information of our company, within it, the bank name and address.

I am wondering if someone from the Tide Team can help me with this, as i am unsure wether the name is Tide Platform Limited or not.

Thank you in advanced


Hi @nian29,

Thank you for reaching out. I’d love to help you with this. I can send you an Account Verification Letter with Tide details and your account details so you can use it for your Invoices and can provide it to your customers as well.
Just can you please confirm your company name here so I can send you an in-app message with the letter, due to security reasons we can’t share any account details online?

Looking forward to your reply,



My company name is HOTACC LTD.

Thank you!


Hi @nian29,

Thank you. I’ll send you the in-app message in a few minutes.

Best regards,