Bank feed problems - Tide to FreeAgent


I have a FreeAgent account and the Tide bank feed seems to work well, most of the time. However, transactions stopped being reconciled to FreeAgent on Friday (31 May) and were off all weekend. After some chasing of the Tide team, transactions for Monday (3 June) seem to be working. But nothing from Friday to Monday has appeared. I have numerous transactions and need to ensure they are reconciled.

to make matters worse, feedback from Tide on any progress is extremely limited. Can someone tell me what’s going on, why this happened and whether the weekends transactions can be fed through to FreeAgent.



Hi @Doug, I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with FreeAgent. We experienced a temporary issue with our partner, Codat, this weekend and they are currently working hard to get this fixed. As soon as we are updated we will be in touch. Thank you again for your patience.