BACS / Faster Payments


Trying to keep my costs down and wondering how I can get clients to use one service over another? BACS / Faster Payments?


What I’m referring to here is - is there a way to avoid charges depending on how the client pays?


Hi @mts1977,

Inbound and outbound Faster Payments are charged 20p meanwhile, BACS and transfers between your Tide current accounts are free of charge.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Tide, I’d be happy to help.


Yes, point being - how do I try to ensure clients use BACS? I know of no way to force payment via one method or the other.


there is no way to force your clients, unless you plan to do like the Spanish paramilitaries in Catalunya and go in and beat them with a stick while dragging them by the hair!

You could however ask them nicely :slight_smile:


But that’s what I mean. What can I say to be helpful to them? Is there a way to choose to pay by BACS or Faster Payments and if so how do I explain it?


Did you ever get an answer to this?


Nope, sorry to say.