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Hi i was due my payment yesterday through bacs transfer and i had not receievd it. I even email tide and even message through app about 3 times, no response. this is very annoying and costing me money. I thought tide was a good banking app was happy with them as i am a new customer and willing to trust the company. Very frustated i am wondering when i will recieve my money still. please can someone get back to me. Been waiting since…

My business name is Hasnain.

Payment was issued by thursday and was meant to be in on friday. So will it come monday i am guessing

3 business days, Monday / Tuesday - same with all banks using bacs.

Thank you for letting us know about this, @Hasnain

The exact date when the payment was made via BACS is important to determine when you can expect it.

They always take 3 working days, so if this was issued on Friday, then it would clear by EOB on Tuesday. I have responded to your message in the app with some additional details that you can provide so we can track this down for you.


Thank you very much. I am guessing it should be tommorow (tuesday) as it was definitely confirmed to be issued on friday. Thanks for replying as i was starting to worry