Awful customer service. worst I've ever experienced



Customer service is awful. No replies, all I want to is to speak to someone on the phone. No help. Your customer service has already directly impacted my business.


Agreed - I’ve spent all morning trying to get simple acknowledgement of an issue never mind a resolution. Seems pointless and misleading to say there’s an ‘attempted’ 20 minute SLA on responding to customers.

This is now impacting my business and my employees and shareholders.


They are terrible. very bad, i keep texting them every single day to get an answer but nothing comes back positive,


Hello, sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble contacting our member support team. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service , so we’re disappointed this wasn’t the case for you. We are actively upscaling our number of Member Support Agents to meet increasing demand from our member base, so we’re confident that we can offer you a great standard of service moving forward.


you pride your self on delivering customer service? seriously?

everyday i send to you guys an email begging you to send me my money back since January.
i sent letters to your office in London addressed to your complains department. also another letter to your company director Oliver Prill, but no one care, you are very very bad people. you have put me in a very bad position. you are very lucky for now as i already informed the action fraud at the met police but due to corona virus they havent had a change to get this on, but they will eventually. you cannot just still money from customers, this is very bad.



Keep trying. I eventually got my issues sorted but it wasn’t easy. I feel your situation is worse than mine but I still wanted to share with you how I managed to fix my issue. I would message them constantly as well as opening a completely new ticket if I felt the reply was taking too long, which it always did. I also posted my issue everywhere to let people know about it so that it could be seen. I posted it on here, facebook and twitter. You could even try messaging the CEO directly, he has a twitter account.

Eventually after days of messaging them constantly, I was tired of being polite and I demanded to speak to someone on the phone. There is a post on here that says if you wish to speak to someone open a ticket and tell them and they will arrange a time. Again this is another difficult task but I had to keep asking. Eventually I got a facetime/call and I would not leave that call until your issue has been sorted and access to your account has been granted.

Now that my issue is fixed, Tide is working fine for me. I’m considering what to do next because this experience has put me off using Tide ever again. I feel that they are severely understaffed but that should not impact business owners, it’s not fair. At minimum a bank should have a phone number to contact to speak to someone, businesses have money with them!! It’s ridiculous and I won’t make that mistake again.

I hope you get your issue sorted. I just wanted to let you know that it is possible.




Hello Agron, we are very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with Tide. Please rest assured that account pauses are rare; they happen to protect the security of our members, and to comply with industry regulations. You can read more here -

We will be in touch shortly to assist you.


@Yani_at_Tide i dont understand why you are saying you are sorry,

if i am not mistaken you are Yani Bergamotto - if you are not the same person i apologies - but if you are then you should be aware as we have swapped emails in the past 2 months more than once or so when i have been begging you to help me and send my money back,

but i have not just texted to you, i have also swapped texts to all of these guys from your team, Robert Austin, Jerry Garcia, Svetlozar Slavov, Rado Pometkov, David Todorov, Sergio Tassev, Victoria Colley, Obi Tashev, Mihail Ivanoc, Kristina, Nathan Smith, Yani Bergamotto, Erik Ivanov and more, half of your Bulgarian office team.

Ok, one person doesnt know, ok 2 or 3 but over 12 people i have swapped texts with surely one of you guys must be able to give an answer or do some work there. this is really bad.

so i am asking you now again, can you please have a look and talked to each other and let me know by tomorrow,

i have sent my bank details to Robert Austin on 17th February by email + my bank statement as he requested it from me to forward my money and yet nothing has come,

so please call me tomorrow or email me at to let me know whats going on.

If you do this it would be amazing as i have already appointment at the action fraud team at the met police in London so i can put a stop to this.

Thank you


Thanks Andy,

i mean i think is just the wrong time now to deal with this i guess with the covid 19 etc, the trouble with these guys i think is you dont talk to anyone as you do with a high street bank or walk in at a branch. i open this account as i was told it open the account within 24 hours which it did, where as it took 3 week hsbc to open my other account but yeah my money got stuck with tide for some reason and trying to get it back i guess now.


Hello Agron, please accept my apologies for the late reply. I can see that you were contacted by us and the remaining balance has been returned to you.

If there is anything further we can assist you with please do not hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat or via email at


@Andrey_at_Tide No, I have not received any money at all.

I have however received an email yesterday from Nathan Smith saying the money was sent to business client, I do not understand what exactly he means by that - and I did replied strait way asking for explanation for proof of payment and also what is he on about business client.

On 4th of February I have supplied Robert Austin with my bank details and bank statement as per his request so you can send me my money.

Yesterday you are saying you have sent it elsewhere.?

It doesn’t make any sense at what you are saying.

Please provide proof if you have sent the money to me which I don’t think you have and hope you have not sent this elsewhere.



Hello Agron, I can see that Nathan has provided you with further information on the reasons behind the transfer. Please refer to the in=app chat for further questions on the matter. Thank you


@Yani_at_Tide No he did not, he just sent an email saying that apparently he sent it somewhere else, business clients, which is lots of non sense as usual , I have no idea what he means,

I replied back but still haven’t heard anything, I cannot access any longer the the app so I will try to text one of your directors I guess now on Twitter,

Will mentioned all of your names, I just need my money back, you cannot just steal money from customers and get away with it, looks like pyramid business.


Hello Agron, sorry to hear that the situation was not explained in details to you. We’ve asked the responsible agent to reach back to you for more information on this.

Thank you once again for your cooperation on this.


@Misha_at_Tide that’s great, thank you, let’s hope they make sense this time and hopefully they will send me the money back to me after a long wait,


You’re most welcome, Agron.