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I’m waiting for refund from last week on Friday and I tried to contact Tide team many times but there’s no response. I open my account less than a month and I’m suffering a lot. I face a lot of problem with my client and process my business


Hi @Ezzo1311,

I am really sorry to hear this.

We’ve received a higher volume of enquiries than we expected since we got accredited for BBL but, to restore our service to a level you’d expect, we’ve hired more people and trained them quickly.

Could you please confirm your company name so I can ask our Member Support team to further assist you with this?

Many thanks,


My Company name is CICE Limited.
I’m waiting two refund transactions from XE company since last week.


Hi @Ezzo1311,

Thank you for letting me know.

I have reached out to the team and they’ll follow up as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience,

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