Avoid tide!



Horrible customer service but in-line with the way they conduct business in general. Unprofessional to say the least.
I’ve just had a similar experience, no explanations given for a large payment reject and all attempts and reminders on their unattended chat line ignored. My agency just confirmed payment was returned to them and now I’m in limbo, looking to set up another business account elsewhere.
It seems it’s a systemic issue that they are not looking to address.


review here, they are actively reporting the negative review in trustpilot. wow


Hi there, everyone.

I know we’ve had some delays with getting back to people’s requests in the in-app chat. I’ll be going through and doing what I can to address any concerns and assist as quickly as I can.

As to the reviews on Trustpilot, we do not actively seek out reviews to report, but ones that breach our terms of service, reveal identifiable information for other members or Tide staff, or even ones that devolve into profanity are not what we want people to see.

We take the negative feedback we receive quite seriously, and in less busy times, do what we can to respond to reviews to resolve outstanding issues.



Ive been waiting almost 3 weeks i havent got not one bit of update info about my account. I had patience but this is ridiculous for a banking app that holds peoples hard earned money.


Hi @Yfulat123,

I know you are in touch with our team on a private channel, please rest assured they will get back in touch as soon as they have an update.

Thank you,


Hi @Valentine_at_Tide

I am having a HUGE issue.

I am not able to make payments out of my account.

I need to make these payments urgently TODAY and no one is coming back to me.

Can you please let me know what is going on??

This is urgent.


Hi @mimihammad,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Could you please confirm your business name so I can ask the team to reach out to you?



Hi @Valentine_at_Tide,

Thanks for coming back to me.

My business name is z1nc

Please can you get someone to reach out asap as I need to do this today and I actually informed Tide yesterday re: the transaction.




Hi @mimihammad,

I have flagged this to our team and they will reach out as soon as they can to further assist you.

We’re experiencing a very high volume of tickets at the moment but rest assured that the team is working 24/7 to get back to all our members as fast as possible.



Thanks @Valentine_at_Tide

I have been waiting a very long time so please let them know to come back to me ASAP as the transaction is urgent.



My reply and thread about HSBC FEEDER aCCOUNT has been deleted, LOL

I see an insecurity there… Gud Luck fellow business men


Hi @Valentine_at_Tide,

No one has been in touch with me.

It is very important that I get the payments across today and we only have three hours left.

Can you please tell me when this is going to be resolved?




I’ve been trying to make a critical business purchase since Tuesday morning from Apple. Apple states that there’s a problem with the payment method.

No message in the Tide app and no response from support, that’s 4 days. Who has a business bank account in 2020 and can’t get support for 4 days. I thought Santander were bad, but they’re amazing compared to this.

To make matters worse, Google will not accept the card as they view it as a pre-payment card and don’t accept those.

What I really want is for support to contact me so I can process the purchase for urgently needed equipment.


@Springy in the exact same position - I can’t even pay myself my monthly salary


did someone called you to fix your problem ?


@dwsigns They said they are working on it but haven’t told me when it will be resolved. I have had to take a loan out because I don’t have access to my own money!!
@Valentine_at_Tide can you give me a time frame as to when this will be resolved??


because this is a tOy bank… a hype. Im on a process of moving my direct debit and card machine payout to my transferwise borderless account. it has IBAN. a business debit card that apple Samsung and google pay accepted. and is partnered with Alipay which is useful as I am buying from alibaba.aliexress all the time… no extortionate convertion fee. free to widthdraw. all over the world…

try transferwise its easy to setup and fast


Hi all,

I’m really sorry for the delay you have experienced. As you know, since we were accredited for the Bounce Back Loan Scheme we have received way more messages than usual but our team is working 24/7 to get back to all of you as quickly as possible.

@mimihammad I know you’ve spoken with the team, rest assured that they will be back in touch as soon as they have an update.

@Springy I’m sorry to hear you are having an issue with this. I have asked the team to look into it and get back to you as soon as they can.

Thanks for your patience,


WHY IS IT TAKING NEARLY A WEEK TO RETURN A CHAPS PAYMENT! AFTER REJECTING IT BECAUSE OF TRANSACTION LIMITS ??!! Then same happens with normal BACS payment something does not add up ! And all I get is it’s been sent not telling me how and why it’s taking so long ! I will be taking the matter to the fca and claiming loss on interest !


Hi Simon,

I can see you are in contact with our team about this and that they’re looking into it as priority.

I have asked them to follow up on your latest messages - they’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience,