Avoid tide!



As a current customer let me tell you that the customer service is often awful, the support is pointless & they can’t even get the basics right. They often stop payments leaving our accounts & have also rejected incoming payments too before!! Surely that is requisite of operating an account?!

Today they rejected a large payment for our business which has meant we haven’t been able to make our necessary payments. Then when we get through to someone on the phone (which you have to pay extra for the privilege) ((which is also a rarity it is answered)) they can’t put you through to a manager & just say you’ll be called back by the end of their working day. They will not say how they are communicating with said manager, or what time that manager even finishes their working say, so we must simply wait for them as that information doesn’t concern us.

I then receive a call from the same agent instead of the manager to tell me there is a limit on the BACS inbound payments. Amazing, I have received larger payments, one even last week… so are you telling me your company has imposed a new limit to my account & not informed me? He replies he can not discuss that with me! In fact, many of the answers to the asked questions they aren’t at liberty to discuss or divulge apparently. Nice guy but not useful in this situation.

We will be opening other accounts elsewhere ASAP & would recommend any business wanting to operate smoothly to look elsewhere. Tide seemed to be the solution to our problems but have ended up being more hassle then they are worth! I had patience in the beginning but have lost confidence now!


I can completely agree with this. Currently I am locked out of my account completely and cannot access my money. They took over a day to reply and the cut and paste instructions fell down at the very first hurdle. At the moment they will not even give me the option of closing my account. I have provided my mobile number


It’s disgusting behaviour, I’ve been locked out for over a week. I will be reporting these guys to ombudsmen service.


hey @TerryPope , We are very sorry you felt this way and for the inconvenience caused.

We are indeed not authorized to share any sensitive data, so if you still have a question without an answer, please do let us know, so we can follow up further.

@Bathsheba, if you can advise us on your company name we will be able to review the situation and request further assistance on the matter.

@AccidentRepair , we again would like to get to the bottom of this, so if you can share your company name we will be able to provide further support.

Thank you all for your patience and time on this.


My company name is Ride The Warble


My company name is my username.

Accident Repair Specialist LTD.

Weird last time you guys didn’t ask but managed to find my support chat. This time you guys asked because I’m guessing it’s to buy yourself some time?


I’ve been unable to access my account for a week - basically been told its a probkem wiyh my device as the app.is fine.
This thread, and a spate of 1 star reviews on play store say otherwise.

Business is hard enough right now without this.


Hey, @Bathsheba we’ve had one of our Member Support agents contact you to further assist you on the matter so please refer to the thread with them.

@AccidentRepair We have chased up with the relevant team and have asked them to provide you with an update on the matter as soon as possible.

@MikeL Can you please confirm your company name so we can further look into this for you? Thanks in advance.


I am beginging to regret this account already. Takes hours to get a reply in chat. Still waiting on replys from yesterday. Now customers can only bank transfer invoice payments. No option to pay by card. So i have lost a customer already today as they dont trust bank transfer. Cant fault the customer to be fare. Tried to see if upgrading act would sort that out but no upgrade option.
Think im going back to Lloyds


I have been waiting now almost 5 days for a reply to an urgent transfer that needs sorted. Its f++King ridiculous. Shocking customer service


Hi @Misha_at_Tide , I am unsure how the finish time of a manager is sensitive? Especially when the question is in response to be being told the manager will make contact by the end of their working day? Surely that’s a reasonable question?

Tide are a joke. The have imposed a new limit on incoming payments mid week & not notified any customers. Even our account limits haven’t been updated within the app so we had no knowledge of the downgrade to our account! That is both unprofessional & ridiculous. Especially as we took the time to increase the original limits a few months ago & pay for a premium account due to never getting responses to the chat with our normal account. It was pointless doing that too!

Customer service isn’t great, support is a joke & the entire organisation needs to be scrapped & rethought. Not even a simple apology for jeopardising my business but to be told “we’re not saying it’s your fault” I know you’re not, you can’t, it is yours! I will be seeing if I have any legal grounds to pursue too as we are operating a business which is supplying key workers to important housing projects for very vulnerable people but will struggle to pay our staff next week because of Tides incompetence?! To simply impose a limit which is below our weekly incomings is ridiculous!

There is light at the end of the tunnel though, I have already opened a business account with Monzo today & am in the process of making all future business banking transactions with them. They have answered every question asked immediately & have been brilliant this morning! Better customer service, the account will be cheaper to operate & there are no restrictions in place which will cause us problems in the future! It’s a no brainer really!


They have not replied to my email for two days. Now what?


Hi @Bathsheba,

Rest assured that the Team will reach to you as soon as they can.


That’s what they keep telling me


Hey, @Ryanjdp could you please confirm your company name so we can further look into this for you as soon as possible?

@JonShaw If you wish to receive credit/debit card payments or Direct Debits from clients or customers, for example, you will need to engage the services of a third-party payment gateway.
This will result in the funds arriving into your Tide account.

Tide Members have successfully registered with a number of providers to process payments in this way although we would recommend that you identify one that matches your own business requirements.
A couple of popular suggestions that Tide Members commonly use are as follows:

  • GoCardless
  • iZettle
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Here’s a useful link: https://stripe.com/terminal


I am still trying to locate were my mo ey is. Left tide on 15th May and never received at the other end. I am strongly considering financial Ombudsman now. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!


Hi @Ryanjdp,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this.

I have asked our Member Support team to follow up and assist you with this.

As you know we’re experiencing a very high volume of messages at the moment which is why there’s a delay. They’ll be in touch as soon as they can.

Thanks for your patience,


I haven’t experienced anything bad as of yet. As we are in these difficult times I would expect delays particularly around contact and technical issues. It’s very difficult when money is involved as it’s all very emotional. For me everything has gone to plan as I have expected some delays for obvious reasons. I would suggest we all take into consideration the difficulties we are all having trying to supply the same service we once did. Just because it’s bank doesn’t mean they don’t have the same issues. I’ll look forward to the replies!!! Have a great weekend. Carl.


Totally agree I’ve had nothing but issues I need to pay my shop insurance and my shop rent today and they’ve blocked my payments for unknown security reasons. I’ll be switching to sterling ASAP!


Oh wow. I tried to sign up with Tide a week ago and heard nothing (other than a suggestion that I should hear back within 3 days - which I didn’t).
Disappointing to hear what’s going on. In fact exactly the same has happened with my HSBC account, and as they’re overwhelmed with BBLs they’re not servicing existing customers at all well. I thought I might try a “challenger bank” to see if they might have avoided the trap of getting involved with BBLs, but it seems that they’re actually even more badly affected!
There’s probably a story for the business media here about how otherwise healthy businesses are being killed off due to banks unable to cope. It’s not just the NHS that needs to be saved from overload.