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I have recently tried to open a new account. I have had extreme difficulty in getting my passport to automatically be captured for proof. I have read a few threads and notice this is a common problem. Can someone please assist so i can get this account open. Thanks.

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    Oct '20
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    Nov '20
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Hello @Sjd!

Please ensure the following:

  • not obscure any part of the photo page of the passport especially any machine-readable text
  • in a well-lit room, this needs to be bright but not to the extent that there is glare reflecting from your document
  • holding your device carefully so that the app can capture a clear, stable image.
  • holding the device in such a way that ensures the corners of the document are within the capture region of the screen within your app

Additionally, you can try:

  • to capture this using your front-facing camera if you are having ongoing difficulties
  • to attempt submission of an alternative form of ID

I hope this helps! In case you still encounter difficulties, please contact us via [email protected] and the team will review the matter and help out!

Kind regards,

Nothing worked. I sent and email and still no reply

1 month later

Hi there @SteveH

I’d recommend going through the steps that we’ve posted above, we do have some plans for improvements to the ID scan and hope to implement them soon.


Thanks @Obi_at_Tide

I’ve done all of the above, including trying it on my tablet, my wifes phone, different rooms and different backgrounds.

I’ve just fired off an email to the [email protected] .