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As Tide keep telling members to apply to another bank my advice is get to Metro Bank ASAP !!!
Absolutely brilliant service from start to finish opening a business account.
Another level of customer service than we are use to from Tide.
Might take a couple of weeks for the appointment but nothing to lose!!
Stay safe

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    Jun '20
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Totally agree. I’m a new comer to tide. My bank is nationwide so had to get in somewhere else and was lured in by tides fast pace of opening an account and going on the waiting list. I done this very soon after they was accredited bbl. Then found I was 28800 in the que to no where fast. So applied for hsbc feeder account as I don’t want to open multiple accounts everywhere. So after 4 weeks found an email from HSBC in my spam email which was an on boarding email. So filled it out got a letter in the post with a code to carry on the process to verify myself and signed a letter which I sent back in there envelope that came with the letter. But now a week on still waiting to progress from there. Not easy but at least getting somewhere those waiting for tide I’d be surprised if it happens you have to move on the amount of people on the waiting list tide is not going to be able to get the billions of pounds needed to look after everyone probably not even the 10.000 people mark… Now the rush is over banks with money will make it easier and quicker. Tide just wanted new accounts opened then play with your money reading all the reviews they are clearly shocking. Luckily I just put in a couple small amounts at the moment but will stick with nationwide from now on.
Good luck everyone

Nice one mate that’ll take the stress off a bit :+1::champagne:

1 down 83999 to go


Thanks mate,
Really hope Tide sort themselves out and stop with the soon tactics!! Not fair on members.
I really liked the app, invoicing etc but since they started this bbl fiasco couldn’t trust them.
The way they reply to you as a customer is pretty poor either cut & paste or short abrupt responses.
Will be interesting to see what happens but l hope for the sake of there members they deliver !!!
Stay safe mate and good luck :+1:

I’ve got my appointment on Monday mate, what’s the process like during and after the appointment ?


How long did it take to get the appointment at Metro? I gave them all the details and I’ve been told I’ll have a phone call for the appointment. I submited my application on Tuesday last week. Thank you!

It took me around 10 working days. They call to book an appointment and send all the information you need to bring.