Applied for an account, the app is stuck on the Tide Support message screen


Same issues here!
Wys campers ltd


Hello @GccSloane,

We have escalated the case to our on-boarding team.

They will be in touch with you as soon as possible.



**Hi **
**I applied for an account in the middle of Feb, I was contacted on the app asking for a few documents, the first one was not accepted for some reason I don’t know why. i was then asked to send a different document so they could approve. before i got the chance to send the next document i was stuck on the support screen and wouldn’t let me access any of the app. I have now deleted and re downloaded the app again, managed to log in fine but now I can’t get a reply on the app and i really need to activate my account ASAP. could you please help. My company is called we aint regular ltd


Hello @Natty97,

Thank you for contacting us.

We can see that a member of our support team is currently in touch with you. They will work with you until the case is resolved.

Let me know if you need any further assistance or have questions.



I applied for a business account for Rosinante Property Holdings Limited more than a week ago. Answered all the AML / KYC questions. Haven’t received any response and app is still saying verification will be done in 5 minutes. There is also no way to get in touch to get a status update. It would help to get a response either way.


Hi there @mohtashim

Thank you for bringing this up and for being patient with us thus far - I’ve just chased this up with the Onboarding team and asked them to review what you’ve submitted and get back to you as soon as they possibly can.