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So this forum has put me off using Tide a little. I see people with problems unresolved in a month and even small issues such as camera problems, which I have at the moment. The app won’t take a picture, yes I know what a dark background is and yes I’ve taken a photo before.

I tried inline app chat which was delivered but I haven’t had any response in a couple of hours, not even an auto reply saying, “we’re closed now”.

These security checks people speak about are a big concern. It sounds a bit like paypal in that respect - freezing company accounts randomly and causing all sorts of problems and HMRC fines.

I started out looking for an answer to why the app wouldn’t take a picture of my ID. Now I’m reconsidering using your services at all.

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    Nov '20
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Well I’ve decided to go elsewhere. This post

is a major concern. We use Azure cloud services for our website etc and I’m not going to risk those services given there are problems paying Microsoft.

There’s just too many problems with your services. The couple of minute sign up process has already taken a couple of days with no progress at all.

No hard feelings, best of luck

Thank you for sharing your thoughts @stefal

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a poor first impression. The cards that we’re able to provide to our members thus far are prepaid mastercards, which may not be accepted by some merchants.

While this can’t be solved on a technical level from our side, we have made vast improvements from the issues that were being posted about in that thread, a great deal can happen in three years!

I’d be happy to look into the matter of your application as well and help connect you with the team, otherwise.

Regardless, we’re happy to have had your interest, and we wish you all the best.