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Hi, hope this message finds you well.

I applied for a ride account over a three weeks ago and I’m still stuck in the application submitted message.

I have messaged someone in app for help and he said that he couldn’t find my details. But when I enter my email address ([email protected]) after deleting and reinstalling the app, it takes me straight back to the application submitted message. Now I can even message anyone in app a error message appears, I’ve even tried calling and all I’ve got on the other end of the line was an automated message.

My company name is Soul harmonix, the email is [email protected], if you require my full name I will provide that when ask.

I would appreciate help resolving this situation.

Best regards

Hi there

I am the same. I got my new company on July 6. (Northern IT Consultancy). In spite of their promise the didn’t bother to notify me. I found out by checking at Companies House on the seventh.

I was in a hurry because I was offered a £72,000 contact and needed a company with VAT, Company Number and Banking details.

I got access to the app then. It too is in the application submitted message.

I managed to contact them and ages later I got an email from the help desk . I replied immediately. He came back saying he cannot find my details. That’s all.

Needless to say I will not get the contract now!

Good, aren’t they? I expect the Covid-19 excuse will be winging our way any month (or year?) now.

Hello @Soulharmonix! I can see that you have a ticket and it was updated today. You are welcome to refer to it. In addition, I have ask the on-boarding team to look into your application and update me. When they review further, either they will contact you or I shall get back to you!

Hello Johnain! I have asked the team to review the matter and update me further, as well! You too can anticipate a message from them or I will get back to you!

Hi Harry,

Thank you for reaching out.

Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Hi @Harry_at_Tide,

I was wondering if it was possible to get an update. Because at this point you guys are hindering my ability to start advertising my company…

I’d would be nice to know whether or not I should apply directly through the government website or wait for you to finish processing my account.



Hello @Soulharmonix! The team stated that they are working on it and will review as soon as possible. I understand your concerns, however, I kindly ask you for a bit more of your patience! Thank you so much!

Hi Harry, I hope you’re well.

I was wondering if I could get an update.

I missed a phone call from tide, when I tired to call back on the number provided by the agent it was the generic answer bot… I know you asked for patience, but not being able to establish my company is not the definition of patience it is stagnation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

10 days later

Hi Harry,

Hope you’re well.

You’ve asked me to be patient, but 16 days without an update is really a lack of professionalism on your part. I prefer to take my business elsewhere thank you.

If you can’t help me open my account I ask that you please delete all my information so that I may continue my journey elsewhere.

Best regards,


Hi there @Soulharmonix

Thank you for following-up on this.

I’ve chased this up with the relevant team so that we can find a solution - if you’re certain that you’d like to see the application cancelled altogether, please let me know.


Hi @Obi_at_Tide,

At this point I’d like a clear resolution, either a yes or a no. Because I’ve been in application limbo for over a month at this point and everytime I contact tide, an agent says they’re working on it.

At this point is this is how the customer service treats it’s customers than yes please cancel the application.

If you can guarantee a resolution before the end of next week, I am willing to give your company one last chance. But moving forward how am I suppose to trust your establishment, with my finances if just setting up an account is such a man effort. Imagine if in future see letting happens with a payment…



I appreciate that you’ve been quite patient with us, @Soulharmonix

I’ll do what I can to get this process back on track so that we don’t have to keep you waiting much longer, and hopefully have this sorted out well before the timeline you’ve given us here.


Hi @Obi_at_Tide,

It is the end of the week and once again, radio silence from Tide.

I would like to retract any application I’ve made with you. And I ask that you dissolve any information pertaining to me or my company from your database effective immediately.

I don’t understand how you’re still advertising rapid account openings when I’ve been waiting for close to two months.

And the fact that I have to follow up with you about an issue within you service is a true indicator of how the customer service views their customers.

I am truly disappointed.


Thank you for following up on this, @Soulharmonix

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to push this forward for you. I’ve let the relevant team know how to proceed with your application and will be looking into what’s caused this further.

Regards from me,