Application of Tide Account is NOT Completed



I applied my Tide business account on late December last year purposely for my new property investment business in UK. I submitted all the required documents and I was told the account will be put on hold until I further submit a proof of property deal to have this account activated. I was told the chat page will be kept open for a month and the account will be activated when I submit the said documents. Unfortunately, the property deal only came on early March at which I was unable to chat with Tide representative anymore. As I have a property deal with the vendor at this moment, I need the account urgently so that I can transfer money to complete the contract exchange. I will also use this account for any transaction that related to the property business.

Every time I tried to open the Tide App, I was led to the page saying “Verifying your details”, “This will take about 5 minutes” but the truth is this will take “forever”. I sent many emails to help desk and keep telling me they will inform the on-boarding team to help me finish the process but no one approach me.

Would someone attend my problems as this issue put me on hold for a long time already.



Hi @macmac369, I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced delays. I can see that my colleague Kathy from our boarding team has been in touch this morning. If you could please respond to her so we can get this resolved for you as soon as possible.
Thanks, Ali


Hi Ali,
I’m happy at last someone do approach me and asked for further information. I sent out everything she need as per request. Let’s see how this issue will be resolved. Thanx.