Application is closed?


I am very disappointed that you have closed my application without any reason. I just got the email:

Having reviewed your application, unfortunately we will not be able to offer your business a Tide account.
At this stage the scope of companies we are able to offer accounts to is a little more focused than your average high street bank, this means that businesses in certain industries can’t currently be on-boarded.
As we grow we have every hope and intention to broaden this scope, we would love to see you reapply once we get to that stage.

Could you please let me know what does it mean? Why did you not accept my application?



Hi @Eli,

Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your experience. Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot disclose full details of our risk appetite, however as we grow we hope to expand our scope and would love to be able to welcome you on-board once we reach this stage. You can keep an eye on Can I open an account? for any changes in our account application requirements.


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