Apple Pay support?


Hi Amin,

Here at Tide, we know this is a very popular request and we are looking to integrate as soon as we can however we have no definite date when this be released.

We will keep our members posted when we can confirm the date of this!

I hope this helps




Get a Curve card and you won’t have to carry mutiple cards with you. Apple Pay is coming imminently Curve Card


This is an absolute pain. I never would have opened a Tide account had I known this. I am a freelancer, I want to pay for my travel on the London Underground with Apple Pay from my business account - you know, becuase it’s business travel. Now I have to pay from my personal account. Please, please can you sort this out or I will switch.


How about an update Nick - its been 2 months. I’m about to close my account and get an account with someone else. If I can’t use my card for my business expenses, what’s the point in having a card. Pointless.


I give up - been on the agenda since 2017. If you’re thinking about taking out a Tide card and need Apple Pay, I suggest you swerve them until Apple Pay is available. I’m not sure it will ever be available!


I’m done with Tide. The card also isn’t accepted by Uber, so 95% of my transportation (TFL and Uber) are impossible to pay with this account.

Tide, you should warn new account holders of this before they open.

I’m cancelling my account.


Hi @simonclews and @Paul_Tideuser, we’re aware that this is an important feature for many of our members. We’re working to make this a priority and hope we can tackle this next quarter but I’m afraid our product team currently can’t provide a firm timeline. As soon as we have an update we will make an announcement on community.



Hi @whatever sorry to hear this. We have spoken with Uber directly and they no longer impose a blanket block on Prepay cards. In locations where Uber can provide a precise up-front fare estimate (like the UK) prepay cards should now work. Uber will not work when Tide cards are used in locations where Uber does not have the ability to precisely estimate the fare up-front - therefore Tide cards will not work with Uber outside the UK and will not work unless the Uber app was downloaded from a UK app store. These are rules implemented by Uber so unfortunately we can’t impose any changes, but we will continue to maintain a conversation with Uber and communicate any updates to our members.

I hope this helps.