Apple Pay support?


Received my Tide card this week, beats my Lloyds Bank debit card because it’s contactless. But I was wondering if Tide will be supporting Apple Pay at some point in the near future?


or Samsung Pay?


Hi @TJames, this is definitely something we want to introduce in the future!


Is there any timescale on Apple Pay?


Hi @mindetic, we’re unable to provide an exact timescale at this stage. But we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments.


Hi, any update as yet…?


Not yet @mulch but we’ll be sure to update this thread when we have news.


Hi Guys, any updates on this? It’s been a while since the last update, and honestly I just cannot find space to more cards on my wallet, I know the Tide card looks fantastic, but still would like to not have to carry it arround with me all the time…


Hi @Claiton,

I completely understand and I’m glad to confirm that we should launch Apple Pay early 2019.

Watch this space!


Hi Valentine - do you know if this update will enable me to use my Tide details for regular Apple payments, including Apple Music? Currently, Apple declines my Tide card.


Scratch the query - the issue was down to the ‘photo’ option when entering card details!


Looking forward to hearing when this will be active — tried to activate my card through Apple Pay this evening with no luck :frowning:


Couldn’t agree more - the days of card payments are over - we need tide to support Apple Pay! I have just received my card and was disappointed that I couldn’t add to my wallet on Apple Pay. Please bring this feature in as promised.


Just to add my voice here… I really, really need this!


Me too, can we upvote this feature somehow? Like on Monzo.
Could you give us a deadline when this feature would be available?

Having this feature would encourage transaction via Tide, I understand the idea of using your Tide card for business payments advertises the company. But the UX plays a far bigger part in getting new customers on tide. I have already got a few of my friends on tide, because of it’s features.

Plus you see the card far more often on someone’s phone when they pay. Unless your research suggests that it isn’t a needed feature…in that case… Hello Starling…

Thanks again


Hi all,

Thanks for posting on the community!

I’m happy to let you know that Google and Apple Pay are indeed on our roadmap :slight_smile:

Google Pay should be introduced in a couple of months and Apple Pay should follow a few months after that. We’ll make sure to update the community as soon as we have a more precise timeline.

You can also see our Feature Roadmap on Trello here.



This is so ridiculous now, nearly 2 years on and endless promises to find it’s moved from ‘early 2019’ to the medium-term plan? That really isn’t good enough. With Monzo now offering REAL business bank accounts when do Tide plan to catch up and stop fading into the abyss?


Still no update on Apple Pay support? :tired_face:


Hi all,

We definitely want to introduce Apple Pay in the future and it’s on our Product Roadmap.

I’m afraid I cannot confirm a timeline, however, we’ll definitely let the community know when we have an update.



Is there any updates on this?