Appalling Customer Service


I have been a Tide member since 2017 and was happy enough (the amount of time it takes funds to appear is pretty long compared to other banks) so I recommend them 2 other organisations in March this year. The first one was a sole trader and it took ages to get through the setup (it only took me a couple of hours as a Ltd company) but eventually it was done. However it has taken months and several chasing messages to get the reward paid for the introduction.

The second organisation is also a Ltd company (owned by me) but still a separate legal entity. Nope say Tide you are the same person so you don’t qualify.

within days Tide send me a promotional email saying if I have 2 companies there is a new promotion where i can link them together and use on a single device. Great I said do you want to retrospectively apply it to my accounts after all your support chats state that I am the same person on both accounts. The answer. Close one account at reopen it any you will qualify. Well what are the admin charges relating to that amount of administration for Tide!!

Definitely looking at my other options


Hi Jacquibo, we empathise your frustration with this issue you are facing.

We certainly apologise for the delay with your first reward, our team tires to reward our members as swiftly as possible.

In regards to your recent promotion you have been sent, unfortunately this promotion would be for members that have opened an account within the timeframe of the email that was sent, to the deadline which for your promotion in particular was for the end of this month.

We empathise your frustration with this issue you are facing.

I can see that an agent from the Member Support team has been in contact with you regarding this. They did recommend closing the account and re open it to then be entitled to the promotion.

If you do have any other questions or queries regarding this or any other issue, please feel free to either message the Member Support team either in app or email at


Wow Nick you responded within 5 days!!! Thats impressive

and you just keep giving don’t you!

So I tried to open /link an account following the instructions provided in the app

I go all the way through to the final bit and it says unfortunately we need you to log this with support and takes me the to page where i log the problem and send a screen shot of the promotion as support never seem to know what is being promoted!!!

the very next day I get a message IN THE APP saying and i kid you not " can you report this from within the app as this is not secure"

So I took a screen shot and sent it back. I am still waiting to hear back. My guess is that TIDE intend to just let the clock run out on the offer

Another point is the email promotion i get says I can link an account which is already set up within TIDE

I am going to see what Which? MoneyMail and Trading Standards have to say next

Here is the text from the email promotion

How do I add another business?

  • Log in to your existing account on your main device.
  • Go to your More menu to find the Tools and Services section.
  • Tap Switch or add company.
    If you’re adding an existing Tide account
    Enter the email address linked to that existing account. You’ll be asked to re-verify your ID, then you’re all done!

If you’re signing up a new business to Tide
Enter an email address not linked to any of your Tide accounts, then you’ll go through the same sign-up process as your first account. If you’re not auto-approved, you’ll be able to switch between your application and your existing account during application checks.


This guy is going crazy over a reward like he’s entitled to it lmao. Y’all are hilarious. Tide is being generous and people out here acting the fool. Just delete your Tide account if you’re not pleased with the service. Tide does not have to put up with foolishness like this.


Thanks for the Tip AIB great idea - would never of thought of that myself. Very helpful and that will both

  1. Help Tide improve their non insistent customer service
  2. Help Tide improve their promotional wording

A couple of final questions directly to you though AIB.
Who asked for your opinion?
and do you think if I had received a private response from Tide I would waste my time posting in here?

All you are doing is deflecting from the issue THANKS AIB Great JOB!!!


Hi @Jacquibo, thank you for reaching out. Thank you for choosing Tide and being with us for the last few years.

To address your first point, instant payments is a feature many of members are asking for and it’s on our roadmap (, which we hope to implement very soon! Apologies for any frustrations caused by the 2 and a half hour payment window we have at the moment.

I’m sorry to hear there was a delay in receiving your reward. The terms and conditions of our referral scheme are available on our website: One of the requirements for a successful referral is the referred person opening an account and making valid transactions to the value of £500. I can see that you have referred 2 businesses, and 1 member has fulfilled the conditions of the referral scheme and is a successful applicant. I’m afraid that our terms do state that to be eligible for this offer, the referee must not be the same person as the referrer.

Regarding our offer for multiple companies, we state that you can link to an existing Tide account but that the new business account must be for a new company, not a business previously associated with Tide. My apologies for any confusion you encountered in our wording or when speaking with our Member Support team, I have raised your concerns with our management team so we can evaluate our referral wording.

I’m afraid that your account opening did not fall within the time frame of the offer, but if you check your in-app messages, our Member Support team has reached out via the app with an alternative promotion you are eligible for.

I can see that your queries were all answered in app by our Member Support team, but if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out via the app, our team will be happy to help.

Thank you, Ali


I opened an account for my new business via the “Switch or Add Company” feature, they said it takes between 5-6 weeks for this to be verified. Got the reward within a week. I fail to see what the issue is.


Hi Thecody1000

The reason you don’t see any problem is because it worked for you!!!

Had it worked for me I would have given a 5 star review (recommended them again to other businesses) and got on with my day. I believe you should acknowledge when something works as much as you should complain when it doesn’t. It didn’t work for me so when I complained and logged a support call I expected someone to help resolve it.

What actually happened was
As I was signing up the second company I got an error message
The message said to log it (I am still within the Tide App at this point) - which I did
The next day, Tide support sent me a message, from within the app, directing me to log the issue from within the app
Now I only have one way to contact Tide - from within the app!!!

So I sent them another message (from within the app) and posted in this community

5 days later, yep that’s 5 whole days, Tide responded.

Are you at last getting the picture and why I am so frustrated.

I’m sorry they deserve all the bad press they get and I say this as a Founder Member of Tide