App won’t re-instal


Re-installed app and can not log on stating additional checks but I need to invoice for a contract ASAP please advice ?


Hi there @Fuzib

Thank you for reaching out about this - I can see that the onboarding team have sent you an email about this, have a look and get back to them if you have any questions!




I’m currently experiencing same experience accessing my account since i switched phones. My old phone was having a terrible bug and had to buy a new phone after downloading the apps and finishing all the process of registration yet i was informed extra security checks was still needed and that was the last I heard. Please could anyone be so kind try and help me rectify this issue? Thanks


Hi there, @Femi22

Thank you for reaching out about this!

I’ll be checking in with the Member Support team so that the checks can be completed as soon as possible, thank you for being patient with us!