App update of read messages FAILURES


The app message system is dire!.
If the app falls over, or fails in communication to whatever server it needs to get to ALL the messages return as UNREAD !
Therefore the app flags up however many messages need to be RE READ to close them, and also FAILS to close read messages after that on a refresh by closing and reopening the app
Whoever is developing the app needs sacking and a proper coder employed to rectify the problem which has been going on for some time.


Hi @Rob-W, thanks for the feedback.

Our backend Team is working on resolving this issue.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


Oh what a surprise … our messages are going missing… WOW honestly you should be ashamed of yourselves …Still one week later no Idea if or WHEN I will get a loan… it is great for you, you still get paid no matter what you do .


Hi @Veryswede,

We understand that the times are hard for everyone and this is why all of us, here in Tide, are doing our best to support our members in the best possible way.

You can take a look at the last blog, where the Team has answered questions raised by our members -

Hope this helps.


TOTAL BS honestly you have no idea what your clients are coping with . In your secure job



This is Prepaid bank. A toy bank. BOE will not lend them as ,BOE consider them as a risk!
Move on people. get transferwise boarderless account. its free. way way better than TIDE

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