App stalling on login - spinning disk


The app is stalking on login - spinning disk and I can’t access my account. I have deleted and reinstalled the app twice. Running iOS 13.3 on an iPhone XS.


Tide you have one job - to keep the app running - so we can access our accounts. It’s simply not good enough to be locked out like this and not reply to emails.

I have emailed support twice but no response


Mines the same really frustrating. Tried on my iPad too.


Just had this from Tide - 3 days later…


This is unfortunately a known issue, on which our back-end team are still working on finding a resolution for.

It’s affect IOS 13 versions, from what we have found out, so they will be working on resolving this ASAP.

The best current work-around we have is to try from another device, which is an Android or an earlier IOS version.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful on the matter.

Kind regards,’


I’m still getting this error as well. Really poor service. I’ve noticed that lots of other banking apps haven’t stopped working - Revolut business for one.


Just found the same problem, had a payment refused, When tired to login home screen different and nothing works. Tide, if you cannot upgrade the app and keep it working LEAVE IT ALONE. This is very annoying especially when you do not appear to be bothered by the crap you have caused

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