App NFC or Wireless Payment Support?


Hi, I’m suggesting a Tide wireless payment support to start with, any chance of this soon? I can arrange discussion for further futuristic security features and customer support way beyond Current systems used by 'other traditional Banks’s, to match Tide as a future Fintech leader. DTT


Hi Dave, do you know many apps that are NFC enabled? I met 1 only


My personal opinion having tried banks own in app NFC offerings (e.g. bunq) and full NFC offerings (Samsung Pay and Android Pay) is to avoid doing your own thing and use the already available Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Fitbit Pay and Apple Pay rather than build it in to your app


i was referring to make cashless and contactless card payments yourself, as a business owner, not as a mere consumer. Since Tide is for business accounts, it was obvious for me :slight_smile:


Sorry I was replying to the original post not your reply. It was not clear from Dave’s original post. I thought he was talking about making NFC payments from within the Tide app, rather than talking about a Point Of Sale offering.


Hi, was referring to Tide supporting the existing Wireless payment platforms, Android Pay, Apple pay via NFC. That part is easy to implement.

Although, the security flaw will be the same as everyone else. I guess it’s a compromise Tide, bank/card providers or insurance companies are prepared to take. Although not a big risk as anyone using it will be caught and possibly seen making such purchases.

I understand anyone getting hold of the phone can make up to £30 per transaction, which is allowed without the need to unlock the phone.

But I believe there is a way to eliminate this out of Tide prior implementing wireless payments. So I requested Tide team or even MasterCard if willing, for an invitation to eliminate this flaw after testing a proprietary products, systems and procedures to reach this goal.