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I have 3 businesses with separate accounts within the App. This morning I go to log in to Company A and when it logs in, I see the account info, transactions etc for Company B. So I log in to company B and I see Company B’s info. Company C logs into to see the correct info again there. So in short I cannot see any of the info for Company A. The log in passes but it shows me all the balance, transactions, payment info etc etc for the wrong company (company B). I now have 2 ways of logging into company B but no ways of logging in to Company A. No matter what I do, I cannot log in to company A. I have messaged on the App but have had no response and judging by this community I will be waiting well over a week to receive a response that won’t be of any help. I need this recited urgently as payments are due to go out today.

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    Oct '20
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    Oct '20
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Hello @James3,

Thank you for getting in touch.

An agent from our support team just contacted you within the app to assist you further. Please refer to the thread with him.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.