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I applied online for a sole trader/partnership account. Advertised 5 minute sign up. 4 days later, your account team come back to me in the app and ‘tell’ me that I am a registered business and not a partnership. WRONG. You then disable the app and I’m back to square one. Whilst I may have a limited company of the same name, THE ACCOUNT ISN’T FOR THE LIMITED COMPANY. Please start listening and not assuming!!

My business is going elsewhere. Complete rubbish.

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    Apr '18
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    Apr '18
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Really sorry to hear that @swm!
I have just reached out to you via email to see if we can get this resolved for you :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a similar experience.

Very drawn out exchange of repeatative questioning as if they didn’t read my previous answers.

They denied my account based on turnover too high and too many branches of my businesses. That didn’t match my answers ato all. It is a business for a very modest property portfolio turning over not very much at all.

Unbelievable. They basically just picked an excuse that didn’t relate to what I had said and used that with a “sorry for the inconvenience” parting shot.

OK my accountant just suggested tide.

the glossy words about an account in minutes is quite frankly misrepresenting the ‘real’ process. you set peoples expectations way to high. Ive now spent over 2 hours and still have no account. These points are massive failures that tide need to fix…

  1. I am the only director of my new company, i provided my personal address, driving licence, selfie and all teh other stuff you wanted and still you couldn’t verify me? I’m stunned by that failure.

  2. Putting my birth date it was a joke! I had to manually scroll back the calendar from 2018 to 1996!

  3. contacting tide is dreadful. talk of “in app chat” is great as long as you can get into teh app - which i cant because your systems failure to verify me means i dont have an account!?

  4. I am told it will now be 48 hours before you can verify me??? Reading here on teh community that its ofte more like 3 days because of a spike in interest, makes me really, really annoyed.

Overall i have to say that tide seems to still be in beta - and i was md of a .com company back in teh day so i know about pushing out product before its ready. if you’re experiencing massive interest, you wil know that you are upsetting a high proportion of potential new clients. I would not recommend tide simply because of teh application process - which is - the whole USP that you sell on! Like another user said, teh fact that you cant talk to a human after wasting a chunk of life trying to set up and account is infuriating. Tide’s a great idea it’s just not ready yet.

Hi @The_Soul_Camp,

We run checks on all applications and usually our members are able to create an account immediately - but if we need to ask for additional details about you and your company it can take a bit longer. Currently, our on-boarding team will typically reach out to you within 3 days. Often it’ll be a lot less: our on-boarding team are doing their best to process the spike in applications as quickly as they can.

You can read about what can sometimes cause us to require more information here

You should have access to the in-app chat while your application is pending, I can see a member of our team has reached out to you to keep the application process moving for you, if you can’t see this message would you be able to reach out to us at [email protected]o?

Katie, I’m heartened by you rquick reply.

The link to more info for verifying is not really helpfull as its text heavy and… teh “sorry we cant verify you” message i got doesnt explain ‘what’ was unable to verify? photo? address? selfie?

Yes thanks it seems i can now use the in app chat but you ask some detailed serious business questions on a ‘text’? thats not teh right medium for that and… i dont understand why we are asked these questions? we checked teh businesses that you wont work with and are none of those?

As tide have asked for feedback i am feeding back constructively, i hoep tide can see that? I do think that had your systems been robust, a spike in interest would not be an issue and i do feel a victim of tide’s systems. it really is unbelievably frustrating to find it may be 3 days when your website promotes minuties for set up…

sorry for my spelling dislexia gets in teh way!

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you @The_Soul_Camp,
I can see a member of our On-Boarding Team has since reached out to you with some good news :slight_smile:

Hi Katie,

Yes we now have an account. I do believe Tide should re-set new applicants expectations much better, teh systems are not ready yet that is very clear. Having said that, once signed up, we absolutely love it!

Tide provide a phenomenal service (once you battle through the application!) and i woudl be happy to provide a testimonial if it helps :slight_smile: Pete

Thanks for the feedback @The_Soul_Camp,
I’ll be sure to pass that on to everyone, glad to hear you’re enjoying your new Tide account!! If there’s anything I can assist you with do just let me know :smile:

OK, update for the benefit of new/potential customers…

our bank card arrived in 2 days (after sucsessful application). We recived our first payment without problem today. we made a payment by teh card today with no problem. we can set up various accounts (vat, current etc) with no problem. we can see it all so easily on mobile.

I still maintain that the application process is not smooth enough yet. But… OMG what a wonderfull service once you get through that ordeal! I love Tide and will be moving all my other business accounts here. Well done dudes! A happy new customer. :slight_smile: