Anyone had any luck elsewhere?


Confirmed. Lots of mass declines because of Tide’s waiting list.




So now Conister have also run out of money!


Not entirely sure how they think they could shut down the country and expect people to stay at home with no pay, bills and families to feed… like the rest of us have had.

It won’t happen, people have to survive.


Fortunately was able to get a Conister loan. It took intervention from the Head of Credit at Tide, who had to personally contact Conister and tell them that we have categorically never had a loan with Tide.

Fair play to him, Amit Kahana, really did go the extra mile to help.


Thats good to here Richard. Am in the same situation. Refused by Conister becasue of the tide waiting list. How can i get Tide to intervene? Please i really need this help.




Thank you Richard


Conister have accepted mine now as well! I had to fight my arse off due to Tide’s mistakes with the waiting list. Took an email from the BBB to get it sorted. Should be paid today by closing of business.