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Hi there, @Marc1

Thank you, and everyone else for continuing to engage here on the forums.

We try to let members discuss without always jumping in unless it’s something we’d like to address, like now.

We haven’t forgotten about you. It’s an ongoing conversation, but as soon as we get a definitive final outcome on this from the Treasury, we’ll make it known.


Got a reply from my mp today.

“ Thank you for contacting me about Tide, I was sorry to hear of the difficulties that you have experienced.

I understand that you and many others have been directly affected by Tide’s decision to pause their Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) lending and to close their waiting list. I appreciate that many businesses are keen to receive the BBLS and protect their business and jobs during this difficult time.
As you know, the British Business Bank oversees the BBLS and other business support measures, such as the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme. I note that the British Business Bank has made a statement on Tide’s decision on Twitter which states that the funding for the BBLS does not come from the Government or the British Business Bank, but from the lenders and it is for the lenders to secure funds and have sufficient capital to meet the lending forecasts. Tide remains an accredited lender and, should they secure additional funding, will be able to offer Bounce Back Loans again.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to approach other lenders offering the BBLS, of which there are over 20 other lenders, and apply to them for the BBLS. Even if you are rejected by a lender, you can still apply to another lender. Further to this, if you encounter any further difficulties, then please do not hesitate to get back in touch with my office and we will investigate your case further.”

Sounds like a standard reply.

Your MP obviously doesn’t know there are very few other avenues. In fact I think only HSBC is open to non customers. I’m in their pre-approval stage, have been for about 2 weeks.

If I pass that, then I go into the approval stage. Why they can’t just lump the 2 stages together especially if they are going to take weeks to get through.


Agree it does seem somewhat generic. At least he replied tho & acknowledged the tide situation, more than many others have done.

“Further to this, if you encounter any further difficulties, then please do not hesitate to get back in touch with my office and we will investigate your case further.”

Of course I replied highlighting that I and many others have tried every option imaginable & that we’ve been discriminated against for using a fintech bank / account which just seems disgracefully unfair considering the support government was touting not so long ago… also as with many others, having received nothing and only after enough to get up and running again.

hopefully he investigates the case further before it’s to late. 2 months and it’s game over.

Guys, check out the latest accredited lender on the bbls list - Conister. Hope we can get help from here at last!

Hello Conister bank have allowed me to apply for a bounceback wrong with them! Send me the form filled in and returned it, took 5 mins for them to acknowledge it. Just waiting the AML checks now! Keep you updated if everything goes through and I get the money.

Starling came up with the goods. Can’t fault them

Boris was just asked at PMQ’s if he would persuade the boe to open up more avenues of funding particularly for fintech banks such as tide.

His reply the boe are watching closely and will take note…

Aye up.

Ive tried Consiter but no reply yet.

At least the raising of the issue in PMQs should keep things lively.

Just had a crappy declined letter saying nothing. That was a lost hope…

Talk us through the process… just a flat out decline or did they ask for any More info?

Conister have declined almost everyone I know that applied on Day 1.
Everyone declined today was on Tide’s waiting list.
Don’t know if that’s the reason 100% but why does Tide still keep that useless list!

Confirmed. Lots of mass declines because of Tide’s waiting list.

Not entirely sure how they think they could shut down the country and expect people to stay at home with no pay, bills and families to feed… like the rest of us have had.

It won’t happen, people have to survive.

Thats good to here Richard. Am in the same situation. Refused by Conister becasue of the tide waiting list. How can i get Tide to intervene? Please i really need this help.

Conister have accepted mine now as well! I had to fight my arse off due to Tide’s mistakes with the waiting list. Took an email from the BBB to get it sorted. Should be paid today by closing of business.